Creating G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Vol. 2 Kickstarter

GI Joe Creating A Real American Hero Volume 2 Kickstarter_1

I’m a little late on this one with only 5 days left, but volume 2 of the book Creating G.I. Joe A Real American Hero is currently on Kickstarter.

I reviewed the first volume not that long ago and I had enjoyed it immensely, so this time it was a no brainer hopping on board for a second volume. The first book was filled with all kinds of great pre-production artwork and this second volume promises even more.

The cost for just a book is a bit steep at $40 bucks, but considering the amount I’m not spending on G.I. Joe thanks to Hasbro pretty much not doing anything with the brand right now I think it’s well worth pitching in to try to get this thing made. Last time it was a little riskier due to the fact I knew nothing of Steel City Publishing before and had no idea if they could get it together to make a book, much less a quality one. This time the proof is in the first volume, so bring on more G.I. Joe toy pre-production goodness!