Crazy Calls: “Hilarious” Answering Machine Tapes

Vincent   September 10, 2013   Comments Off on Crazy Calls: “Hilarious” Answering Machine Tapes


This post will require some explaining. You see kids, back in the long ago people used to have a phone that was attached to your house. You couldn’t take it with you like you can today. That means when you left the house, you would miss calls. In order to have those calling leave a message for their friends/family/business partners they had a machine that hooked up to the phone. It was like voice-mail, but an actual machine. Crazy right?!

This commercial for Crazy Calls played about 10 billion times in youth. It was a constant ear worm. I don’t think there’s a moment in my life where the answering machine wrap, “Wait for the Beep” isn’t playing in my head.

One thing I never realized that this is Crazy Calls 7. I did a little digging and apparently there were a lot of these things and at some point in recent history, the creators of Crazy Calls tried to keep it going.

Let it go guys, let it go.