Cosplay Thursday (Slightly Risky)

I really enjoy this Cosplay Thursday due to the fact that I actually know who the character is this time around. This fine lass is dressed up as the Black Cat who is an ally of Spider-man. I also know that she’s also not Catwoman and that’s about all I know. I think the person portraying her is a famous cosplay person or something. All I can confirm is that she’s pretty damned hot.




Disclaimer: I find pictures through random searches on the net. If you are the copyright owner of the image and have a huge problem with it(them) being here, just let me know in the comments and I’ll remove the offending image(s). I also don’t know any of the people in the pictures nor do I care to, so if I make fun of you and it upsets you I’m really sorry.

  • Nice! But why would a character wear a mask like that, which does absolutely nothing to cover the face? As decoration?

    Perhaps she figures the cleavage will distract anyone from looking at her face and recognising her.

    Nice model though.

  • cleavage is a powerful weapon. that would be nice to see at work once and awhile… everyday….

  • *drools*

    Groin-grabbingly good