Cosplay Deviants Review: Another Review (Risky for Work)

cosplaydeviants_review_deviant_ black canary costume cosplay

Way back in 2011 I reviewed the site Cosplay Deviants. If you google “Cosplay Deviants Review” that old review is #1, but since it was so long ago it might not reflect what is actually on the site now. In the interest of giving Cosplay Deviants the most accurate review possible (and for me to see more naked ladies), I took advantage of their recent New Year’s sale and peeked around the current Cosplay Deviants.

The Price

It’s normally 10 bucks for 30 days, which isn’t too shabby. I got a deal for 5 bucks because they were having a sale, which they occasionally do. Otherwise, it’s 25 bucks for 90 days. It auto renews, so better figure out how to cancel if you don’t want to stay a member forever.

cosplaydeviants_review_deviant_velma costume cosplay

Can’t go wrong with a Velma costume. There’s at least 2 on the site.

The Models

The original impression I had of Cosplay Deviants was that the models were more in line with the average lady than models you’d see on a professional adult site. That is still mostly true. Many of the models (aka Deviants) that put on and take off their costumes are the kinds of women that you could date in real life if you’re not a total freak. Basically, girl next door types. There are a few real stand out models on the site like Underscore, Domi, Freckle, and Ivy. I’d say more about the stand outs, but I don’t want to get dumped by my girlfriend. Regardless, there’s a lot more models than there were on the site before. They’ve added a good amount of content in the last few years and there’s a lot of attractive women.

Also, the observation from the last Cosplay Deviants review that most of the models have tattoos is still true. They’ve got tats a plenty. If that appeals to you you’ll be very happy. I’m really not into tattoos, so it’s kind of a turn off for me.


I know this costume!

The types of photos you’ll find on the site are about the same mostly tame-ish nudes and there are very few that would qualify for the explicit category. Basically, if you want to see boobs, you’ll see them, but if you’re looking for something more hardcore you’ll probably be disappointed, you pervert.

And yep, there’s still a few dudes on the site. I clicked on one in the interests of writing an accurate review. Yeah, I don’t get it ladies and gay dudes. Naked dudes are boring and utilitarian.

As for the costumes I don’t know over half of them, but I’m old and not a big fan of anime.


This costume is from something. Who cares really.

The Content

As I stated before there’s a lot of galleries on the site, but not an overwhelming amount. I’d almost say that the best bet is to do the shorter 30 days subscription, cancel, and then come back a few months or years later when there’s more content on the site.

One of the more disappointing things is they haven’t added many videos. There are only 17 videos total. Oh and the videos are streaming flash videos so you can’t save them… unless you have a plug in that saves videos like Download Helper for Firefox.


Weird how many Japanese characters are variations of school girls.

The Site

It doesn’t appear that much has really changed about the site itself since the last Cosplay Deviants review. The structure and presentation of the site seems mostly the same since the last time I visited. Mostly what you get now is more models. I estimated that there are now over 500 galleries of pictures to check out. The gimmick that these ladies are real nerds and cosplayers that also get naked for randos on the internet is also intact.

One big drawback to Cosplay Deviants is that there’s not an easy way to download the images. Wait… why would someone download the images? I don’t know! I’m just uh… saying… that you can’t bulk download galleries. Other adult sites allow you to do this (or maybe I don’t know that for a fact… ). I’d guess that this is a way to try to prevent someone from saving all the pics and then sharing them online for free, but that’ll happen no matter what. Bad people will use site scraping tools. Good people (perverts) should have a link to a zip file.

One thing that they still have and some adult sites have is comments on the model’s pages and the picture sets. This is weird and gross. I don’t need to see some guy saying, “I’d let you sit on my log” to a picture set of a model in the forest.


Pokemon or something?


If you want to look at real ladies (many of whom are very attractive) sporting tattoos in nerdy costumes that they then take off, then Cosplay Deviants is still a decent choice. The price is low enough to check it out. Personally, I would probably wait six months to a year to check again and see what was added.

And again, I’ll have to stress not to steal content. Yes, porn is free all over the internet, but it’s good to give back once in awhile.

  • Chris Piers

    I only recognize Velma and the last image from Pokemon. So most costumes are anime, not comics or pop culture? What is the quality level of the actual costumes?

  • There are costumes from comics and movies, but the majority are from anime. The quality of the costumes are pretty top notch overall. What you’d see at a con when you see good costumes.