Cosplay by Teeny Geek

While I enjoy sharing cosplay pics with you folks, it’s not often that I get to know the cosplayers who fulfill our nerdy fantasies. I purposely keep some distance so I can freely comment on them (by either making disgustingly lewd or snarky comments). In the case of today’s post, I got to know Teeny Geek on Twitter before I knew she did cosplay. Not that I’d ever make fun of her, rather comments I’d probably make (and ones you’d expect me to make) would probably fit in the lewd comment category. Instead, I consider her an internet friend and present these really cool cosplay pics of her without comment. So here we go! Teeny Geek dressed like Batgirl, X-23, and Wonder Woman.










Thanks to Teeny Geek for being awesome. You should probably check out Teeny Geek’s aka Maria Palafox’s Twitter or her excellent cooking blog Pretty Picante.

  • Dex

    Protip: Men, when you cosplay and wear a spandex like material, invest in a cup or something so the world doesn’t have to see your junk.

  • Frank Beanballs

    She looks best as X-23. That’s a great set of photos!