Contest Announcement: Help Name Our Robot!


We have a dilemma here at the Robot’s Pajamas. Our super cool robot buddy doesn’t have a name and he is sad (or at least as sad as his programming allows), so we need your help! If you want to win some cool prizes all you have to do is send an email to with your name, address, and what you think the Robot’s Pajama’s robot should be named.

Prizes: 1st place will win themselves a 20 dollar gift card to, a Starship Troopers graphic novel, and a Snarf pencil/straw topper from 2nd place wins a $10 buck gift card to


Small Print: Contest ends 10/21/10. Winner and second place will be picked by a panel of three judges. Submission of the name for the contest releases any and all future rights to the name to owners of The Robot’ reserves the right to not actually use the winner’s submission for the robot mascot, you know in case we think of something better. Contest open world wide, however winner outside the continental U.S. must pay for shipping.

  • Kristin Shiroma

    “bowling alley”

  • Vincent

    Is… that your submission?

    If so, you have to send it to for it to count.

  • Keith

    I got my submission in!

  • Vincent

    Thank you, good sir!

  • You might want to say whether or not you’re going to allow multiple emails or not. Otherwise you’ll get a slew of them.

  • Rick

    I think you should name him Rick