Vincent   August 25, 2009   6 Comments on Comics!

While perusing the local wares at a gas station I ran across this pack of comics that I simply had to buy:


Why? Because of the simple fact that this pack of comic books brought me back to the times in which my parent’s would buy me multipacks of comics on trips. Sure, most of them usually contained the world’s worst comics like Madballs, but occasionally I’d get something good like the first appearance of the black Spider-Man costume. What is sweet about this pack of comic books is that they are all pretty much from that era when comics didn’t cost three bucks a pop and I could read anything in four color print without caring if it sucked or not, because it was a comic book, damn it. So thank you gas station owners, thank you for giving my car delicious gas, a sweet nostalgia ride for me, and a nice break from gas station porn.

  • Chad B

    I remember those comic packs, the grab bags of geeks. I didn’t mind the oddball random comics so much as when I’d end up with a duplicate of something I already owned. How many were there in your gas station find?

  • I find it funny the grab bag shown has comics from 20+ years ago. Comic grab bags (hell comics at quikie-marts and gas stations) have pretty much died out here about 10 to 15 years ago. And if you happen to come across one with comics in it, it’s usually Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Vincent

    Chad, there were 4 comics in the bag.

    I think some industrious person in town might have just starting bagging quarter bin finds or maybe it’s a bigger business who knows? All you have to do is get a shrink wrap machine and a price sticker and you can try to sell grab bags.

  • My last comic grab bag that I picked up at a retail store 20 years ago was 1st print, low numbered, Star Wars comics. I didn’t realize it at the time, I just knew the top comic had a light saber duel on it.

    I only expect to get robbed when going into a gas station now-a-days.

  • Nice! And I want that issue! What is that, some kind of jurisdictional dispute between the FF and the Avengers?

    A shrinkwrap machine and price stickers, eh? Hmm…even though I’m a comic-hording bastard, I could get rid of a lot of junk…and then regret it years later, as has happened before.

  • Some of the walmarts down here in South Texas still carry 3 packs of comics for like 4-5 bucks a pop. Sometimes its a mix of 70’s and 80’s comics while others are crappy crappy 90’s or those godawful Ultimate Team-up comics. I get really excited when I find a pack that has those old JSA All-Star Comics issues. Its how I learned about Dr. Fate and Power Girl, the two best damn JSAers EVER!