Cobra’s Baroness: Now With Implant Action!


While cruising around eBay looking at prices for an idea of what to charge for things on my fine online toy dealer booth Dinosaur Toy Vault, I ran across this lovely custom of Baroness from G.I. Joe. This Baroness is unique for two reasons: giant ass titties.

Why someone would need to own a Baroness from G.I. Joe with giant jugs is beyond me. Okay, maybe there is a joke factor her, but this fine beauty went for 80 dollars. That’s far beyond joke range, that’s really sad and depressing territory.


As you can see, Baroness here features many points of articulation, so many so that she can do crazy impossible to perform in real life poses much like a 90s comic book’s idea of what a woman looked like.

You know, I like tits more than the next guy and even I am surprised at how popular this action figure proved to be.

Thanks to: eBay

  • Chad B.

    I think this is based on a custom spy figure. I can’t remember the name of it, ifI think of it I’ll look it up when I’m not working.