Clone Wars Premier Thoughts

This last Friday the cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars premiered on Cartoon Network in the form of two episodes. I caught them because I’m a nerd, Star Wars geek, and was one of the five people that liked the version that was in theaters. Hell, not only did I like it but I vigorously defended it. So it was a little disappointing that the first episode was pretty shitty.

I don’t know how they failed, the premise was simple enough, Yoda has to go to a planet and fight a bunch of robots alongside some kick ass clone troopers. There wasn’t any annoying characters around like Ashoka (the pre-teen Jedi), Anakin, or Jar Jar Binks to get on my nerves. You had clone troopers (which I love) and Yoda who is the cat’s ass. Still, it sucked. The reason lay in the fact that it was a throwaway plot and someone went crazy and pushed the battle droid retarded level up to full. Come on already, Lucasfilm! Take it down a notch with the battle droids. Not every single battle droid scene needs to have them acting like the Three Stooges or (my preference) Abbot and Costello. It takes away any kind of sense of danger when the villains are this incompetent. There’s a reason why the G.I. Joe comic book is beloved while the cartoon is not. Yes some buffoonery is acceptable, but not every single cringe inducing scene.

Thankfully, the second episode was much, much better. It featured Jedi master Plo-Kloon getting stranded with some clones after an attack with by a new super weapon. One reason why it succeeded is that there weren’t that many scenes for the droids to act like complete idiots, but there were a few.

I’ll keep watching if there are more episodes like this, but I seriously can only take so many “funny” droids before I have to check out for my own sanity. I don’t want to look like an asshole that defends something that is actually pretty terrible.

  • Jason P

    I totally agree, the overly stupid droids completely ruined the shows.

  • Yeah, the battle droids were kind of annoying, but I liked it overall. Plus my son likes it a lot.

  • Dude the droids are hilarious. The show is for kids dammit… you’re mocking future childhood memories. You monsters!