Christmas Memories II: Christmas Got Christmasier


Every year (when I remember) I try to bust out some of my favorite Christmas memories to try to get in the Christmas spirit. Previously I told the tale of the Sega Spider-Man game, but this year I’ve included all the tales in one post.

Now warm up the hot cocoa and sit next to the fire, it’s story time! Hopefully you have a fireplace. If not just bring your grill inside and light it up!

The Tale of Rudolph The Red Nosed Gift Giver

While Christmas shopping with my parents (perhaps in 1984?), I had the idea to give Rudolph (who some of you will know is my favorite Reindeer) a gift. I thought that he could use an ornament to hang on his antlers. Hey, I was both adorable and thoughtful.

So the big night approached, Christmas Eve. We’d leave out cookies and milk for Santa and Christmas morning we’d get presents. On this night I left the ornament with a little note to Santa to please give it to Rudolph.

The next morning there was a gigantic present next to the empty plate of cookies and glass that formerly held milk (which unquestionably proves the existence of Santa Claus). The tag said it came from Rudolph. Unwrapping this enormous present revealed the Ewok Village! One of the biggest playsets I’d have ever seen up until that point. I learned my lesson that day, Rudolph returns kindness in spades.


The Tale of The Missing Present


I believe it was 1983 or so and I was a wee lad when I got a ton of Return of the Jedi figures that Christmas morning. I don’t know if there was a sale or something, but there was even a figure in my stocking, something that was almost unheard of. A figure is something you wrap! That’s a main present! But no, figures in stockings is a sure sign of bountiful Christmas.

Anyway after all the presents were open and I was completely satisfied with my Christmas haul, my parents started asking each other in a trying not to be obvious way if that was ALL the presents or not. I can’t remember exactly what happened at this point, but I believe I was distracted by the lure of breakfast. After all, my hierarchy of needs was: 1. Presents 2. Shelter 3. Food and since the first two were satisfied I could move on to item 3.

After a time I returned to the tree because my parents indicated that I had missed something! How could my present seeking skills be so off?! I had to rectify this immediately. Sure enough, behind the tree in the corner was an extremely large present. I opened it quickly and found that I had gotten the Millennium Falcon. Oh joy of joys!


Had my parents forgotten the present, or did they just have a flair for theatrics, or was it Santa who came back while I was distracted? Who can say! All I know is that someone bought my love that year!

The Tale of the Spider-Man Gift


Back when I was a lad, I had a Nintendo Entertainment System. This was all well and good until the day that the Sega Genesis started promises a much better experience than could be had on my pathetic NES. Then came the Super Nintendo and you were really a loser if all you had was that dumb old NES. Well, the Sega marketing worked a bit more on me than Nintendo’s, so I knew I wanted a Genesis. However, I was realistic. That year two Spider-Man games came out, one for the Genesis and one for the N.E.S. I decided to be fair and ask for the NES one if I didn’t get a Genesis and the Genesis one if my parents really loved me. I knew Santa wasn’t going to get one for me, because I had learned a few years prior that he really didn’t exist. My number one source for awesome gifts had vanished.

Well come Christmas morning, I open all my presents. I finally get to the vaguely game shaped box and since I hadn’t gotten a Sega Genesis and there was no Genesis sized present left, I figured that I was getting my N.E.S. Spider-man. I open that last gift up and its the Spider-Man for the Genesis. I was deflated. I had to tell my parents that they got the game for the wrong system. They apologized and said that they would exchange it for the right one as soon as possible, and they felt terrible.

Now that the present opening frenzy had been completed, they asked if I could get the vacuum to help clean up. When I opened the closet door where the vacuum lived I found a big present! I could barely contain my excitement, because I had a good idea what had happened. I’d been tricked and sure enough, I opened the gift to find a sweet Genesis 16 bit system inside.


My parents had tricked me, but it was awesome. It helped bring a little bit of that Christmas magic that had been missing ever since I had learned the truth about Santa Claus.

I hope you enjoyed these tales of Christmas presenting. Feel free to share your own in the comments below!

  • Dex

    That’s great! It wasn’t Christmas, in fact if I recall it was summer, but I remember going to our local Bradlee’s with my mom to get the Falcon. There was a sign posted with a sale price that was cheaper than it should have been. My mom called them on it and we got it for the incorrect sale price. Up until then I’d been using my Space 1999 Eagle ship for my Star Wars characters to shoot around the galaxy in.

  • Great stories – it’s amazing how we can all still rally around a story about these old toys. If you wrote a post about a haircut you got in 1984, it’d be cute and all, but nothing like these stories. At the risk of sounding cheesy, these memories really are magical. This post took me right back to 83-84. Loved it. Thank you.

  • Lamar the Revenger

    At about the same time in ’83, my brother and I were having a similar excellent Christmas. First from my Grandma, (which by the way Underscoopfire made me remember this with their catalog story) I got an Endor Rebel Commando while my brother got General Madine. Awesome. THEN it got better! My brother got the GI Joe VAMP & I got the MOBAT. Instant love! But my dad says, “There’s one more thing.. Look outside.” We did & on the porch were two new dirtbikes! It was THE BEST! I went out to ride when I hit some ice and wiped out.

  • Ur Dad

    We had a flair for the dramatics…yours sister got a atari game system a few years earlier. We hid that in the broom closet underneath the steps and told her we had to “clean up” the wrapping paper and she should go get the broom. There was the game system.

  • Cat

    These stories are terribly fun. :) The first one is my all-time favorite…although that Ewok Village…pretty neat. I wish I could remember my childhood Christmasss so well…I vaguely remember excitement over an American Girl doll and a Polly Pocket set one year… ;) MERRY CHRISTMAS, VINCENT!

  • The best was a few Christmases ago when my dad had my sister help carry in a bookcase he has made for me. Little did she know that he had actually made two and had already delivered mine to my house, so she was actually carrying in her own present. The look on her face was priceless. Sneaky gifts are the best.