Christmas “Cosplay”: Sexy Santa Time

So the other day I thought, how can I cash in on Christmas searches on the interwebs? One of the most popular features is our cosplay posts, so why not do a Christmas themed one? Unfortunately, I really couldn’t find any “sexy” Christmas themed nerdy characters for you all, but I came up with the next best thing. What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Santa Claus? Of course! Sexy Santa Claus. So here’s some models as sexy Santa Claus when I did an image search for “sexy Santa.” Warning for my male readers, there’s some dudes thrown in there for the ladies. Not many, but you’ve got to share sometimes.


Nothing says Christmas like a vapid, blond model.


Holy Moses, there's a candy cane joke in here but I'm speechless.


If reindeer looked like this, would it still be considered bestiality?


These outfits don't do much for the cold, but who's going to complain?


If Mrs. Claus looked like this, nobody would be getting presents.


Christmas bar slut says, "Merry Christmas! Buy me a drink!"


Why wouldn't Katy Perry come out of a banana dressed in a sexy Christmas costume?


It's images like this that make me question if Katy Perry is a butterface.


I bet Katy Perry loses a lot of guitarists due to suicide caused by playing Katy Perry songs constantly.


Every time I see Katy Perry I think of Russell Brand, then I vomit.


I know I'm supposed to focus on the chicks, but that dude's nipple tattoo is distracting.


Uh oh!


I know I'm going to hell for this "sexy Santa", but I did warn you that there were some dudes.

  • Not bad. Candy Cane girl is probably the best, but looks like there has been some Photoshop there somewhere.

    Chicks supposedly get really freaky at Christmas time, so I guess it’s cause Santa’s a pimp.

  • PrfktTear

    Yeah, I don’t know what it is… Christmas is such an emotionally charged holiday, I think it brings out all these repressed emotions and it all goes right to their loins.