Chicago Comic Con (Wizard World): Costumes-a-go-go Part 1

I’m finally back from the Chicago Comic Con and I got the obligatory (yet super awesome) post of convention goers that are dressed up in costume. Enjoy!


Finally, one for the ladies! I wonder if it was Prince Adam or He-Man that went into the tattoo shop to get the tribal tats.


The Little Mermaid tells the classic tale of a mermaid falling in love with a puzzle themed costumed villain.


I was more looking for a pic of Black Canary here, but I guess the Spider-Man is a decent bonus since he’s not Fatty McFatter-Man.


Starbuck from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica must be the new default hero, because there were a lot of them. This Starbuck is less “drinking and bad ass” and more “let’s play with kittens” Starbuck.


Here we go. Here’s the hard drinking, tough Starbuck we all know… except I think she forgot her blond wig at the bar.


If this teen’s goal was to look like Felicia from Darkstalkers and to make me feel slightly uncomfortable, mission accomplished.


And here’s the Justice League if it was made up of nerds. Man, Flash really needs to start running again.


Lara Croft, Kato, and the Joker meet up to see how random their group can appear. Is it just me or does Lara Croft look like someone’s Mom, but young?


These G.I. Joes (and Cobras) are all members of The Wizard Universe Message Boards. Hey, kids!


The Spirit here is a WUMBer who didn’t care what you thought of the Spirit film.


Marvel ladies, unite! That’s one hot Phoenix. I’d make a comment about Ms. Marvel, but I’m really afraid she could beat me up.


Panels on Pages is a cool comic book blog and I think it was a decent idea to have one of the coolest costumes to help promote. Not pictured is the dude holding the chain so this massive zombie wouldn’t go ape shiat on a random convention goer.


Black Canary and a Ghostbuster. It was almost impossible to fart without hitting a Ghostuster at the con.


You know what’s hilarious? Napoleon Dynamite! HE DANCES SO FUNNY!

  • What?!? No pictures of you dressed up?

  • who’s that handsome mustachioed fella with the sunglasses in the Lara Croft, Kato, and the Joker pic?!

  • Vincent

    lol jacon, you’re actually in two of the pics. Check out the Ms. Marvel and the Phoenix picture.

  • haha, i missed that one. who was i talking to?

  • Chad B

    /nerdvoice Ummm, I do believe that pictured next to Spider-Man is the Black Cat, NOT the Black Canary

    Seriously though cool pictures, always makes me feel like more of a socially acceptable geek seeing people like Fat Flash up there.

  • That was like some normal stuff. The spark was missing. But anyways a good find. :)

  • Thanks for sharing the pics! Wish I could have been there. I’m glad to see the He-man actually had a He-Man physique. No fat-rolls :)

  • Mark @ Kids Spiderman Costumes

    Hey – wicked pics. These are sure to inspire some people as we lead into Halloween this year. I particularly like the Ghost Busters effort – very cool!

  • That flash pic is the exact reason I never, ever dress up, I am not very overweight but enough to prevent me from even thinking it.

    That Ghostbuster looks like Lenard from Big Bang Theory.