Chicago Comic Con ’09: Cerina Vincent

Story time! One of the coolest and most random things that happened during my Chicago Comic Con ’09 adventure was actually on the bus leaving the convention. There was this very attractive woman sitting across from me who I figured was in town for some hot chick convention. I was wrong. After a minute or two of the bus rumbling along towards our destination she turned to me and the other guys I was with (my friend Bri-Bri and Jacon, the creator of mundAIM) and asked if we wanted a couple of comic books that she had pulled out her bag. I said I would take them, because I’m a cheap bastard that will accept almost anything that is free (hint, hint). When she handed them over the gears in my head started working. Here was a hot lady who had comics. Why would a hot lady who was not dressed up like Lara Croft or Slave Leia have comics to give away? There was no way she was just a random person in town, she had to be involved with Comic Con as either a booth babe or an actress of some type. I asked her and she confirmed that she was indeed an actress. Her name was Cerina Vincent and this is her in Cabin Fever:


If you haven’t seen the film, just be grateful I didn’t show an image from her infamous leg shaving scene.

Miss Vincent has been in a lot of other things, in fact many more so than I thought. I believe that my favorite film appearance of hers was as the completely nude exchange student in Not Another Teen Movie. I don’t know how I didn’t make that connection, except maybe because she had clothes on.

Anyway, I bring this up mostly because this is the first time in my life that a super hot actress has given me anything. Usually, I’m the one handing them money for autographs or merch. It was pretty sweet having the tables turned, so it kind of made my day. It also turned out that the comics she passed on had been given to her by some fans and either having read them all or simply having too much junk to take on the plane.

I also want to stress how nice she was. I’m not saying that because she was extremely attractive and she gave me things, but because she was actually cool with us. Hell, she could have thrown away the comics she didn’t want, but instead she passed them on to someone else. She even gave us a promo sticker for Cabin Fever, which she totally didn’t have to do. So Cerina Vincent, I salute you. This beer is for you:


If you have anything else that you’d like to get rid of, don’t be afraid to let me know.

  • What?!? No pic of her from Not Another Teen Movie? (Just do a Google search for Cerina Vincent Not Another Teen Movie)

    Cool story though.

  • i think he kept this post classy because he gave her a card to this site

  • Oh really? Oops. Hello Cerina if you’re reading this.

  • Vincent

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

    Another reason why I didn’t post a picture like that is I didn’t A. Want to make it automatically unsafe for work and B. it’s really easy to Google them if you must.

    I seriously love that film though. Like, more than I really should. I often quote the “God Damn it” coach and nobody knows what the hell I’m saying.

  • Chris Piers

    She was also a Power Ranger.