Checking Out The Aliens Minimates

Vincent   October 22, 2014   Comments Off on Checking Out The Aliens Minimates


Aliens is one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time and for a good reason, it’s awesome! Any time there’s new Aliens merchandise available I take notice. When the Aliens Minimates were announced I was really excited, because the Aliens creatures looked really cool. Now that I got the assortment, I can finally give them an up close look.

I’ve never been all that into Minimates, because the block figure format for figures really isn’t my thing. However, I’ve admired the wide diversity of figures that Diamond Select has been able to produce in their Minimate line. Furthermore, the Minimate vehicles like their take on Diamond Select KITT are fantastic. Here’s to hoping they’ll get to an Aliens vehicle or two!

Currently the Aliens Minimates are available in single packs. I’m sure that in the future there will be special sets and two packs. What’s nice is that these things aren’t blind boxed. They very well could be, but that would be a must miss for me. I hate blind box toys.


The human side of these Aliens themed Minimates digs pretty deep into the human crew, which are packed one each per case. The most famous of the three humans available is Burke, who is played by Paul Reiser in the flick and was one of the sleaziest characters in the history of film. Pvt. Spunkmeyer was one of the pilots that got killed early in the film and Wierzbowski was a Colonial Marine who was killed fairly early as well. Not an A list assortment of characters, except for maybe Burke. Still, if they keep making Aliens figures fans can feel safe knowing that no character will be too obscure.

This set didn’t entirely win me over for the people version of Minimates. While I appreciate all the detail, especially on Pvt. Wierzbowski (that pulse rifle is great!) and Burke who has a nifty wrist watch thingy, I’m not fully on board the Minimate train yet… with people. That’s a huge distinction, because I’m all about the Aliens! Regardless, I can see why people would like these figures. They’re fun.

The Aliens creatures, like the people, are really well done. They’ve got a ton of detail and while they’re still blocky figures, they’ve got a ton of detail that rounds them out a bit, particularly on the upper torso.


The Aliens come in three flavors. There’s a regular Alien Warrior who has a plain black deco and a closed mouth. This is the most common figure in the assortment. Then there’s the Attacking Alien Warrior which has an open mouth and inner mouth sticking out. The rarest of the Aliens (2 per case) is the Battle Damaged Alien Warrior, which features an open mouth with no inner mouth sticking out and some green paint splotches to represent that it’s been bloodied.

The figures are fairly sturdy, though one must take care with moving the arms. It’s very easy for the arms to pop out in several places. What’s nice is that you can just pop Minimates pieces back in and you’re ready to rock and roll. That’s one of the other reasons for the popularity of Minimates, you can really customize them because they have so many easily removable pieces.


Overall, I think Minimates fans will be very happy with these figures and Aliens fans who might not have picked up a Miminmate before would do well to check these suckers out, especially the Aliens, which I say are a must buy.