Checking out the 3D Video Wizard

Vincent   December 31, 2012   Comments Off on Checking out the 3D Video Wizard


I love 3D. When it became cool to hate 3D I still loved it. Is it a gimmick? Fuck yes! But basically so are things like extra large screens and 7.1 surround sound. None of that extra stuff is needed to watch a film, but they help make it a more fun experience if you enjoy them. 3D is not for everyone, so let us 3D fans enjoy our gimmick you snobs.

Okay, I’m done complaining. One thing I’d really like is a 3D TV, however I don’t have the kind of cash to drop on one at least until they become “affordable” and gone are the days where my magic credit card took care of all of life’s wants and needs. That’s where 3D Video Wizard comes in. I had heard about these gadgets that promised to turn a regular TV into a 3D TV for awhile, but never made the jump. Thanks to my lady getting me one for Christmas from One Sale A Day I got one and I thought I’d review the 3D Video Wizard here for you wonderful people.

Since the 3D Video Wizard is basically worthless at converting 2D to 3D I needed a Blu Ray 3D to test and since I’m impatient I went to the local Best Buy and picked up Avengers and Green Lantern (which was on sale and therefore the only reason I picked it up). The nice thing about buying Blu-Rays in 3D is that they also come with the regular Blu-Ray, so if you get sick of the 3D effect you can just watch it the normal 2D way. That also means that someday when I’m ready to enter the big boy world of a real 3D TV, I’ll already have some discs.


It took a bit more setting up than others have reported. At first it was not working at all. Eventually I found the guidelines here on the 3D Video Wizard website to get it to work with my PS3. Once the frustration of not knowing why it wasn’t working was gone we sat back and watched some 3D Avengers.


The 3D technology the 3D Video Wizard uses is basically the same kind used in the 1950s, not the kind that movies or televisions use now days. Being an older tech it’s not as good as the more common modern methods of 3D. There are times where the 3D appears to be really good, and other times where the two images don’t mesh very well so they get a bit blurry in a manner of speaking. Still, it gives you the simple joy that 3D can bring into your life if you enjoy the effect.

I only own one PS3 game that supports 3D, Batman Arkham City. The 3D effect didn’t appear to be as good as the 3D Blu Ray and in fact was a bit disorientating. I don’t know about other games, but Batman in 3D is not going to be a regular thing in my apartment.

As far as the converting 2D images into 3D? Forget about it. Don’t even pretend that it’s going to be worthwhile.

And seeing how you are reading The Robot’s Pajamas I know you’d be disappointed if I didn’t give you a 3D porn report. Well, there is 3D porn out there. I managed to figure out how to get a moving image of a lady “entertaining herself” that was a side by side file format. The 3D Video Wizard combined the images for some 3D with mixed results. I’d say that 3D porn would probably be a lot more worthwhile on an actual 3D TV, because as it is on the 3D Video Wizard its good for a few chuckles and that’s about it.

So is the 3D Video Wizard worth it? If you have a PS3, a HDTV, you happen to like 3D, and have a spare thirty some bucks why not give it a shot?

Final Score: 3.5 things out of 5 things