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Over on the most awesome blog Millionare Playboy they posted an article of mine titled, “Essential Seven Bad Ass Arnold Schwarzenegger films“. I strongly urge you to check it out, but before you do I am putting up numbers eight and nine here as a bonus! Think of it as the Essential Seven directors cut.

9. Last Action Hero


I can hear your collective gasp of horror. How could this stinker end up on a list involving bad-assery? Well, the movie isn’t as bad if you’ve never given it a chance. It’s got plenty to love and is here simply based on the fact that are so many in jokes and references to Arnold’s body of work that it is a must see for any fan of his movies. It’s also pretty bad ass when it comes to the action. Last Action Hero had a ridiculous budget of 85 million bucks. Arnold is so bad ass in this film that he’s essentially bored with killing bad guys.

Still, there’s a lot wrong with this movie, particularly in the overly dark sequences in the “real” world. The biggest failing by far is Last Action Hero’s length. It falls apart in the final acts, but if you can make it through the rough spots, there’s a gem in there for Schwarzenegger fans.

Favorite Arnold Quote: (convincing Danny he can save him) “Believe in me and I will catch you!”

8. True Lies


True Lies saw the return of the Cameron/Schwarzenegger team 2 years after T2. In a lot of ways, the film was a swan song for Arnold. Eraser was decent and Sixth Day is okay in it‘s own way, but films like Jingle All the Way and Batman Forever started him on a downward slide that he never recovered from. One thing that really helps make this film great is that it’s a James Cameron vehicle. Say what you will about Cameron, he knows how to please the mainstream popcorn audience more than anyone else and True holds true to that form. From Schwarzenegger riding a horse through a building to the memorable Harrier scene, it’s all glorious, fun, and bad ass.

The only real negative about the movie is that since there’s a lot more comedy and, dare I say, a better script than most of the classic Schwarzenegger films, it isn’t quite as bad ass as his earlier flicks. Still, it’s one hell of a great film.

Favorite Quote: (Before Arnold shoots a terrorist with a missile) “You’re fired!”

  • Ian

    How the hell does True Lies not even make the top 5?

  • Yeah, I was curious why it didn’t make it in the top 7! I do agree with Commando. That film is bad ass!

  • Vincent

    True Lies is great, but there are seven films that are more bad ass.