Castle Greyskull Has the Power

Vincent   November 8, 2012   Comments Off on Castle Greyskull Has the Power

Out of all the toy lines I’ve collected, Masters of the Universe Classics is about a third tier. While I like He-Man a lot, I’ve never been an ultra fan. Despite numerous missteps and a horrible fan base, Mattel has managed to make a very cool line of toys for Masters of the Universe fans (or He-Mans fans, if you will). They are attempting something very ambitious at this very moment, to make a Castle Greyskull that’s relatively to scale with their Masters of the Universe Classics line (at least, as in scale as the old Castle Greyskull was to the original figures).

And no, there is no mock up of the thing. They didn’t have enough money to do one. That might be a scary prospect for anyone even tempted to lay down the cash for the thing and Mattel has messed up a few times with the figures, but overall I’ve been pleased with the quality of the Masters of the Universe Classics line and I believe they’ll turn out an awesome product.

There are only a couple more days left to secure a pre-order and they haven’t met their goal yet. As I understand it, no goal meeting means no Castle Greyskull. If I somehow could conjure up a spare 250 for this thing I’d be all over it. Large scale toys these days are rare. And playsets are even more rare. If you are someone who would love something like this, do yourself a favor and pre-order. And if you’re rich, pre-order one for me as well.

If this thing does get made, I know I’ll have the feeling of regret for not getting one. Oh well. If you’re a He-Mans fan… don’t be left out.

The above is a fan made “commercial” for the project. Crom Speed, Men-children.

Link: Castle Greyskull Pre-order