Captain Power Interrupts this Blog

Captain Power and me have a very important announcement! Captain Power and the Soldiers of the future, one favorite ’80s TV shows / toy lines, is coming out for the first time (legally) on DVD in December. I’m so excited Herman has had to sedate me several times… and damn he is not gentle with a needle.

You can pre-order Captain Power the complete series on Amazon. You know, if you’re thinking about getting something for that special blogger in your life.

But enough begging, this commercial is pretty sweet. When I was a kid I knew that I just had to help Captain Power. If the future was as bad as he said it was going to be, the only thing that could prevent it was me owning a plastic space ship that I could point at the TV and shoot glowing spots on actors and CGI robots. It was a small price to pay to save the future.

  • I used to rock a Captain Power & The Soldiers of The Future lunchbox to school in 1987 it was awesome. It replaced my equally awesome Tranformers lunchbox which featured Metroplex in full kick ass mode.

    I love the fact that this commercial not only promoted a show, but told you to buy a toy so that you could enjoy the show even further. Now there’s legislation preventing this kind of thing.

  • Th DVD won’t sent the interactive signals to the old toys.

  • Chris, are you drunk?