Captain America!

Vincent   January 14, 2011   6 Comments on Captain America!


Seems like Entertainment Weekly has got the first full picture of Chris Evans as Captain America complete with shield. Far be it to me to judge anything (I don’t currently have a Captain America movie in production, so what do I know?), but the suit looks pretty good. I’m not super hot on the helmet, but it makes sense in context. He’s in World War II. Anyone running around in a warzone without a helmet is looking for trouble, indestructible shield or not.

Who are those dudes behind him? Bad guys or good guys? They certainly look awesome. I love how they look Jack Kirbyesque in a way.

As much as I’ve been cool on the subject of a Captain America movie, I’m hoping it will be entertaining. I’ve always liked the character. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to: Nerd Bastards

  • I think the suit looks really good. I bet when he shows up in the Avengers he has no helmet and more of a skintight suit. We’ll see. But this looks good for a WW2 action movie!

  • At first glance I was kinda puzzled, but in context of a WWII setting, it makes sense.

  • lamartherevenger

    suit looks good… but I still see the Human Torch

  • I guess its a good thing for me that I have very little memory of FF!

  • Chad B

    I think it looks pretty good. Definitely looking forward to both this and Thor. I try not to have high expectations for movies any more but after the Iron Man movies and the most recent Hulk movie I can’t help but have high hopes.

  • I don’t dig it.

    The Cobra goons behind him look good though. YO JOE!