Captain America: The First Avenger – Shield Slinging and Yielding


I broke my personal rule of seeing a new release the weekend of its release, because I was pretty excited to see Captain America slinging his shield in 3D. After walking out I realized I didn’t have that many thoughts on it. I enjoyed it for what it was, a solid pulpy adventure story, but I didn’t come away with a ton of thoughts floating around in my head like Transformers: Dark of the Moon. I guess that’s the good thing about bad films, they seem to fester more in the mind. Anyway, I’ve put together some Captain America: The First Avenger bullet points for you all. They’re fairly spoilerish.

  • Was I spoiled by the hour and a half action porn of Dark of the Moon or was there really not as many action scenes as I thought there would be? I found it surprising that a lot of the moments scene in the trialer are actually from an action montage.
  • Red Skull looked and acted pretty Red Skully to me. Hugo Weaving is the best.
  • While Red Skull looked good, they didn’t really work on his plan at all. While the baddie in Tron Legacy left some fans scratching their heads, it felt like they really didn’t tell you what Red Skull was trying to do. Blow everything up? Was that it?
  • So the cosmic cube powers everything the bad guys make and… what else? Talk about a super vague item. I could see your standard popcorn muncher wondering just what that thing was.
  • I loved Captain America’s time in the U.S.O. It really worked out well to integrating why he’d be wearing a costume at all. It was flipping great that they included the original shield in there.
  • I think the most ridiculous moment was when the sexy ass British woman fired a pistol at the shield in the lab. I imagined that three lab tech died from bullet ricochets at that moment. Why would anyone be that dumb?
  • Not all of the 3D was fantastic, but there were some really great shots. I experienced total geekgasim seeing Cap’s shield flying around in three dimensions.
  • While I find the film enjoyable and fun and I’m really looking forward to Avengers, I would really like to see another Captain America film.
  • Tony Stark’s dad was cool. Where could we possibly see that floating car technology again? Let’s hope the SHIELD base.
  • Stan Lee’s cameo was nice, but nothing beats his Thor cameo.

What did you kids think?

  • I thought it was pretty great. My fiancee and I were considering seeing it again the next day.

  • Nik

    Red Skull’s plan was basically Hitlers plan except he was gonna replace Hitler.

    I have heard lots of complaints about the lack of power of the cosmic cube, but I think thats what works. It shows that the people using the cube didn’t understand it at all. It shows that Skull’s shortsightedness (okay this is power, so lets power… weapons! and take over! f yeah!) is what cost him in the end. He didn’t know understand or want to understand the power beyond its tangible weaponized use and is therefore sucked into asgardish craziness when the cube reveals its true power.

    Also the bullets didn’t ricochet of the sheild they just stopped and fell off. that’s vibranium for you, I assume she was aware of that.

  • Nik, did you visibly see that? Because I assume they just fly off as depicted in the image above.

  • Yeah, you do see the first bullets that hit the shield just drop straight down.

    And I bet the Tesseract ends up coming into Loki’s possession in Avengers. Red Skull was only using it in a rudimentary form. It seemed obvious that it was capable of more in the right hands.

  • Huh, I missed that. Well I’m wrong. There I admitted it. It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong and I’m really big.

  • Nik

    It was definitely a close up, same effect as when they hit superman, they squished and fell straight to the floor.

  • How did I miss that!? Now I think you’re making it up.

  • No, it happened and Howard Stark explained it while it happened.

  • Well from now on I’m going to masturbate in the theater instead of going to the bathroom.