“Captain America: Civil War” Top Ten Moments

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Rejoice, fellow comic book fans, because Marvel’s latest blockbuster release Captain America: Civil War is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. When it hit the theaters the feature came out to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. I know I fawned over it in my own review on my blog and I even spent the cash to see it several times during its run. Well, now that it is available for us to watch over and over again in our homes, let’s take a look back at some of the films best moments—and boy, there are so many that it was hard to nail down the top 10.

10)  He’s Back!


The Incredible Hulk, due to distribution rights over the character, is the Voldemort of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It’s always referenced in passing and in the background but, for the most part, has been kind of ignored in the grand scheme of things—it’s the film that shall not be named, essentially.  Despite the fact I really enjoy it and think it’s the most underrated of all the films, there’s been an outstanding theory on the internet that Marvel Studios was just going to ignore that one until it went away; effectively rectonning its existence.  However, when we saw William Hurt returned as “Thunderbolt” Ross we witnessed Marvel Studios acknowledging the existence of the forgotten child.  Additionally, he was involved in one of the film’s many hysterical moments when he saw Tony Stark fulfill a promise of putting the former General on hold.

9) Wanda and The Vision Sitting in a Tree


If you know the history between Scarlet Witch and The Vision, you know the two had a relationship and were married in the comics. Civil War may not exactly get this relationship up and running but there’s no doubt the connection the two are displaying during their scenes together. It’s pretty sweet to see Vis cooking for her and trying to make her comfortable… even if it was all for the sake of Tony Stark and keeping Wanda locked up so she doesn’t inadvertently cause trouble.

8) Slingin’ Sass Like They Were His Arrows


While Hawkeye played the foil by becoming an unwitting servant to Loki in The Avengers, he found redemption as one of the highlights during Age of Ultron. While this film is still essentially a Captain America film, Hawkeye comes in with some truly entertaining moments and some killer lines. It’s incredibly hard to pinpoint which of them is the best—is it when he asks Black Widow if they are still friends while they’re fighting, regretting to stretch first before throwing fists at Vision or the moment where he introduces himself to Black Panther? I don’t know because they’re all pretty great and incredibly memorable. Either way, Hawkeye definitely proves to be a major highlight for the film.

7) The Buddy Comedy We Never Knew We Needed


Two of Cap’s closest friends are Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) and one element that was completely unexpected for Civil War was how these two were going to react to each other. Sure, we knew Sam would be by Cap’s side when he went on his mission to help out his oldest friend but how would the two men act when the super soldier wasn’t in the room? Well, like any time you have people competing for the “Best Friend” slot, you get some conflict and the catty back and forth between the Winter Soldier and Falcon are some absolutely fun moments. Whether it’s Wilson’s refusal to move the seat up while the group is undercover in unique vehicle or Barnes’ exchange with Wilson during their encounter with Spider-Man, their interaction equals some great times.

6) Please, Let Me Borrow Your Bike!


The action moments in Civil War are incredibly satisfying and very exciting; each and every single one of them are filled with little moments that all play together to make a larger sequence that amounts to very entertaining times. During one of those epic action times we get a cool little moment where Bucky really needs some wheels and decided he doesn’t have time to ask politely. Sure, he definitely harmed an innocent human being when he yanked the motorcycle away from the guy but it’s stupidly easy to overlook that when he spins it around in the air and fluidly gets on the thing and takes off.

5) Does Whatever a Spider Can


It’s pretty wild that in less than 15 years we are currently on our third actor taking up the web-slinging duties of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Tom Holland had a lot riding on him for his short appearance in Civil War due to this being his introductory appearance into the MCU after the landmark deal between Sony and Marvel Studios. While Spider-Man’s appearance is almost purely fan service, it’s a fun addition and Holland really captured the spirit of the character and brought in some really fun and hilarious moments during the outrageous airport battle sequence. I really look forward to see his first feature Spider-Man: Homecoming.

4) Giant Man Makes a Big Entrance


I honestly don’t want to meet the person that doesn’t adore Paul Rudd. The guy is, without a doubt, one of the most charming and entertaining men in the world of entertainment and he was incredibly entertaining as Scott Lang in Ant-Man. It was pretty awesome to see him included during the big airport battle and he definitely has some fun moments delivered in it (like his first meeting Captain America or his rampage in Iron Man’s suit or Hawkeye firing him on an arrow in an homage to the iconic comic cover) but the biggest moment (terrible pun intended) was when we see that Scott is not just Ant-Man in the MCU but also its designated Giant Man.

3) Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight Car… Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot?


We hear these words several times in the film because they are the trigger words that activate Bucky and make him the dangerous weapon Hydra designed him to be. No moment is more epic than when Zemo’s plan comes together and he activates the Winter Soldier while he’s in custody. Not only does this solidify the depths Steve Rogers will go to protect his friend from something he has no control over but it also delivers some really great fight scenes as Agent 13, Black Widow, and Black Panther take him on. There’s even that great moment when Tony Stark, armed only with his wristwatch tech, decides to enter the fight and has an incredible facial expression when he sees his glove successful block a bullet.

2) Enter the Hero from Wakanda


Black Panther is kind of a big deal. Not only is he a total and complete badass, he’s also the first mainstream black superhero. His story and history is endlessly engaging and interesting and it was very exciting to hear that he was going to be getting his own film and become a part of the MCU. Things got even more exciting when it was announced that he would first be introduced in Civil War.  Not only did the film deliver on the awesome look of the character, had the slick fighting prowess of the man, and played an fantastic role in the overall story, he was performed excellently by Chadwick Boseman. I know I’m not alone in being very excited for his solo film.

1) Hero vs Hero, Friend vs Friend…Brother vs Brother

civil war movie and comic

Superheroes fighting fellow superheroes are nothing new in the world of comics. Sometimes it’s a simple misunderstanding, sometimes mind control is involved and there are even times when the hero just straight up decides to go evil. We’ve already seen some of this dynamic of heroes taking up arms against each other in the MCU—like Thor first meeting Iron Man or Ant-Man and Falcon going at it—but the trick is to come up with a great reason for them to fight. Sure, it’s easy to pick sides when the thing dividing them is something like the Sokovia Accords but when it’s revealed that Bucky has a dark secret from Tony’s past and Cap is trying to keep it covered up things get pretty messy and an emotionally fueled battle breaks out. The fight is not only brutal but it’s one where we don’t have a side we can actually cheer for that easily because both fighters have a legitimate reason to fight: Tony is heartbroken and Steve is trying to do the noble thing and protect both of the people he cares for. Even more interestingly is how this battle doesn’t lead to a victory in any palpable sense of the word. Yes, both men walk away but did either of them win? Was there any real resolution? It doesn’t give us this but it never felt like we were being robbed as a viewer. And probably the best part of it all is the fact that it didn’t end with both Tony and Steve revealing that their mothers both just so happened to be named Martha (Seriously, no one fought to stop that from being the conflict resolution in a superhero movie?).

There are so many other moments that helped make Captain America: Civil War the wickedly entertaining movie it was and made it just another excellent example in the very strong Marvel Cinematic Universe. What are some of your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments.

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