Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier


It’s your favorite blogger with a slightly late opinion on Captain America: The Winter Soldier! I just saw it this last weekend in 3 dimensions on an IMAX screen and I’m here to report my thoughts on the return of Captain America to the really big screen. Spoilers, ahoy!

One thing before I go on is that I’m a terrible nerd and I haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World Yet or Iron Man 3, so if any of my points are dependent upon those films, I grovel at your feet for forgiveness.

What I Loved

  • Captain America’s second outing is better than the first. While there was a lot to like about that film, I feel like there was a lot of time wasted on his origin. Yes, I know it’s necessary for the general audience, but I know all that junk already. In Winter Soldier we can get to the “good stuff” already without wasting time.
  • There’s several large chunks of time where we’re following the story of other characters, so Captain America is absent. Unlike The Dark Knight Rises I was entertained and engaged enough without being pissed that there was no shield slinging.
  • Back in my day a superhero movie like this would give you maybe 3 or 4 action scenes and that was it. Winter Soldier is just packed wall to wall with action. And it was great!
  • Captain-America-2_The-Winter-Soldier_Review_2

  • I complained about lack of Batroc the Leaper in the first film and hoped he would be in the second one. And wow, here he is. Not for very long, but it was great that he made the cut.
  • I really enjoyed the trio of heroes of Cap, Black Widow, and Falcon. Everyone had enough to do and they were all enjoyable characters.
  • I was happy that while Winter Soldier had a turning point from evil to good(?), it wasn’t as cliched as the usual, “I know there’s still good in you!” stuff. It was more a resigned, “Hey if you want to kill me that’s on you, bro.”
  • Dr. Strange name drop: Yesssssssss
  • After Credit Scene 1 was cool. I don’t even know what Strucker said because I was so excited. After credit scene 2? Bleh.

What I Did Not Love


  • While I like Scar Jo and I like the Black Widow, it’s ridiculous that she’s supposed to be a Russian.
  • I loved Zola being made of old computers, it was rather strange that he was left completely unguarded in a unused facility. Also, launching a missile at an asset like that seemed pretty extreme.
  • I believe when Iron Man 3 came out people were bothered by the lack of other Avengers. I can’t judge, since I haven’t seen it… but it did bother me that there was no Hawkeye or Iron Man in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Of course I understand why there weren’t there… it’s just the double sided blade of having a shared universe like this. Especially with Hawkeye, what with him being a SHIELD agent and all.
  • Captain America is supposed to be muscular, but damn Chris Evans might want to relax a little bit. He’s becoming a bit meat head-ish looking now.
  • It’s a shame that Agent Coulsen wasn’t in it, but then that would have had to explained why he’d be back and why he wasn’t with his boring TV show buddies.
  • I think the “Hail Hydra” thing was supposed to be taken semi-seriously, but it made me laugh really hard. I mean, it’s Garry Shandling for Crom’s sake.
  • Captain-America-2_The-Winter-Soldier_Review_1

  • The ultimate plan for Hydra was to have 3 heli-carriers going around killing people? Seems… unbelievable even for superhero movie standards. I think superhero films suffer from having to have a world ending scenario that we’re both running out of them and we can’t have the really good ones until the next Avengers movie. Regardless, the action is so fun that I can tune out the stupidity of the ultimate plan. I mean seriously, they just plan on shooting Tony Stark from the sky? I’m sure that would have been successful.

  • Dex

    “While I like Scar Jo and I like the Black Widow, it’s ridiculous that she’s supposed to be a Russian.”
    I guess you could explain this as being Russian vs Russian descent? I mean I’m half Portuguese but don’t speak a lick of it.

    I also pass off the absence of other Avengers as “trust no one” even though Cap could probably trust anyone he saved the world with. They’re probably all busy doing personal stuff anyway, ha!

    I’m hoping since Zola was uploaded that he could have escaped by network to somewhere else. I’d like to see him come back.

  • Trust no one… except bring along Black Widow every step of the way.

    And the way she was talking, she was in the KGB. I don’t think they’d let a foreign born citizen into the KGB, she should have an accent. Scar Jo just can’t pull it off.

    Same here on Zola.

  • Chris Piers

    A good spy would be someone who can master a foreign accent. Like the Russian spies on The Americans.

  • Dex

    Hey, I don’t care if the POTUS is telling me trust no one, I’d be bringing Scar Jo everywhere with me!

  • Doesn’t it take effort to speak without the accent? You’d think she’d slip back into it in casual conversation. Like when British actors who play American parts speak in their native accent and it freaks me out.

  • Chris Piers

    Maybe for you and I. But some people can do it. And a very few of them actually become spies. It’s not that far-fetched.

  • Yeah I would have requested more practice kissing.

  • Either way, I feel like it’s more an issue with the inability to do a convincing accent than some sort of in-universe excuse we could make up.

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