Call of Call of Cthulhu Recap: The Edge of Darkness

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Time for another tale from the fucked up world of H.P. Lovecraft! This time the old gang got together to un-summon an evil creature! Run again by my pal Katie. (Plug: She’s also an author and you can get her current book The RX Problem in paper form here or electronic here.)

The adventure kicked off with super smart Jessica the reporter meeting an old friend on his deathbed. He confessed that when he was in college he and some other guys did the typical college guy thing of buying an old farmhouse in the country and summoning an evil creature. We’ve all been there right? Well, instead of doing the intelligent thing of sending it back they ran away. Somehow the creature is connected to their life force. He’s the last surviving member of his group and when he’s dead this thing will be unleashed upon the world!

Creepy Halloween Town

Jessica gathered her team of tramps and hobos (hey, it was the 20s these terms were acceptable). It wasn’t until this adventure that the group dynamic really made sense to me. Here’s this PHd having journalist would be hanging out with Mark Whitman a drifter and WWI vet, Rigel the unstable homeless artist, and the disgraced and often drunk preacher Archibald Malone. Jessica had surrounded herself with disposable helpers.

The team did some research which was surprisingly light in this adventure. They knew what they had to do, perform a ritual in an old farmhouse in the middle of the countryside in Maine. They traveled by car and as they made their way to the house they passed through an old dilapidated town. They elected to keep on driving, because in Lovecraft’s universe old dilapidated towns full of poor people are usually evil in some respect.

They made it to the farmhouse where outside the back they found a dead racoon with it’s heart ripped out. Lovely. They went inside the house and found evidence of a hobo’s stay there. You know the typical assortment of hobo items: a can of beans, a spoon, a dull jackknife, and an old blanket. There were also some ads ripped out of magazines that featured lovely lady models. The priest quickly collected the spank material as well as the spoon and the jackknife following the hobo rules of, “findsies keepsies.”

Picture of H.P. Lovecraft with weird starfish thing behind him

Obligatory weird picture of racist weirdo H.P. Lovecraft.

The team found some junk in the wall which turned out to be the materials they needed to un-summon this creature that they had yet to encounter. At about this time they then heard some noises coming from the basement. But before they could investigate them, the preacher Archibald Malone took interest in the trap door that lead to the attic. He wanted everyone to give him a hug before he looked up there and we all exchanged possible goodbyes before he stuck his head through the hole. While looking around he heard some noise, failed to dodge, then his face was horribly cut by some sort of, we must assume, invisible creature. He fell back down the stairs and Mark Whitman quickly closed the trap door. The preacher took a permanent charisma loss, but he felt like this helped him be a more authentic street preacher.

Mark Whitman was ready to check out the basement figuring this place couldn’t possibly have TWO evil monsters in it. He opened the door and walked down the stairs with Rigel (and the priest) and found there was a scared and nearly insane hobo down there wielding a table leg. He took a swing at everyone and the trio of tramps managed to calm him down a bit by offering him some whiskey and talking to him in their natural hobo language. He didn’t want to stick around, instead he ran out the door into the woods, which is a perfectly safe thing to do when there are monsters around.

The team decided to check out the barn which didn’t offer much of interest. They settled down to perform their ritual (happening at midnight, of course). Jessica, the preacher, and the artist were going to chant the magic latin words while Mark Whitman watched for trouble.

At dusk Whitman clearly saw the creature they were dealing with fly out from the attic past the barn. Since he had seen some pretty terrible things in the war it didn’t bother him in the slightest.

The chanters began at midnight to send the creature back from whence it came and Mark heard screams coming from the woods. They figured that the hobo had met his end. Oh well, he learned his lesson the hard way.

1920s man creature coming for him, he's aiming a gun at his own head

Perhaps the best use of a fire arm in Call of Cthulhu.

As the chanting continued the house began to smell really disgusting, but since the majority of the party was hobos it wasn’t a big deal. The house did drip some acid, but it missed the team so that was all good.

A little later Mark spied something crawling around in the bushes, but he wasn’t sure what it was. A few minutes later he saw the old hobo lurching forward. He was a zombie! Again, this did not faze Mark, because WWI. He fired a couple of rounds into the hobo’s head and it fell dead again. He then saw the other thing from earlier and it was a dead woman. He again fired and dispatched her as well.

The creature appeared within the pentagram drawn on the floor as the chanters chanted. It tried once more to turn the characters insane and Rigel almost went temporarily mad, but thankfully didn’t. Mark Whitman was totally prepared to murder any one of his friends that threatened to mess up the ceremony. Finally, the creature went to wherever it came from and it was case closed. You’re welcome world. We saved your ass again.