c2e2 Round 1: General Thought Bombs


I just got back from the Chicago comic convention known as c2e2 and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how really obese dudes don’t die in droves at comic conventions. Anyway, I thought I’d kick off my c2e2 wrap up with some thoughts on the con before we get to the stuff you’ve all been waiting for, ladies in costumes. Also, I’m sure we’ll bring up lots of stuff not mentioned here on an upcoming Robot’s Pajama Party podcast.

I’ve been to a few conventions in my day and c2e2 is a damned fine one. That’s fairly impressive considering this is only the second year of the show. I really feel that it has the potential to equal the height of Wizard World and it sure as hell beats the Wizard run show in it’s current stage. There was plenty of stuff for comic fans and it was nice seeing the major players there, except for Image. What up Image? Too good for c2e2? Newsflash: You’re not. It was awesome that Mattel was there, now Hasbro has to get on the boat and show up.

Some miscellaneous stuff I’d like to point out is that the Yelp booth came in pretty damned handy. I had just bought some stuff and didn’t have a bag to put it in. Yelp was giving away some freebies if you gave them an email address. Since I have about 10 email accounts, I got a canvas bag and a bottle opener (which I needed because I had beer to drink and didn’t bring an opener). I was also happy to score a free copy of A Game of Thrones from the Random House booth on Sunday morning. I’ve wanted to read the series after hearing so much about it on theTelevision Zombies podcast.

I also really enjoyed meeting a lot of people that I only knew previously on the internets. It was a real treat that I wasn’t murdered by my hotel roommate, who I had never met in person before. So a big shout out to Larry Joe for not slitting my throat as I slept.

As a special treat (and because I’m too lazy to produce real content), for those of you who don’t follow the official Robot’s Pajamas twitter account, here are my top 9 tweets from the con:

1. Oh my Crom. i just walked by the smelliest dude ever. I dont know he has the ability to walk he’s so massive.

2. The most outspoken nerd ever is sitting behind me. He’s got some opinions and everyone’s going to hear them.

3. I think the theme today is, “Woah, she could do a lot better than that guy.”

4. There’s almost uncharted levels of desperation in the eyes of some of the people handing out pamphlets.

5. I wonder what % of my business cards are thrown out @c2e2. I bet 99%.

6. Claudio from Coheed and Cambria just walked into the bar. I jizzed my pants.

7. Even the hotel’s shower is comic themed. Its either Firestorm or Captain Cold. lolz!!1

8. A comic con like @c2e2 is the only place it seems reasonable to purchase a 65 dollar plush Ewok.

9. As i sit eating my Panda Express alone I contemplate life and the fact i should have gone with fried rice. And that new spicy beef.

  • Free copy of A Game of Thrones? Score!

  • Monkeyboywally

    It was nice to see so many artists, some of which were very friendly. It was interesting to see that some artists were very free with their time (David Peterson, from Mouseguard was drawing Full mice on people’s graphic novels) while others wouldn’t sign books unless you came during their one hour window.

  • kidnicky

    The shower joke was stupid,but I still literally laughed out loud.

  • Oh glad you liked it. It seriously was super hot or cold though.