c2e2 2013 Round Up!


Chicago c2e2 2013 has come and gone! That makes three I’ve gone to and I believe that the convention has finally arrived. I’m not sure if it had gotten bigger, but it certainly felt bigger. In fact, I’ll even say it was as good as Wizard World Chicago was back in it’s glory days.

For the 2013 c2e2 I did both Saturday and Sunday as opposed to last year when I just did one day. This allowed me to really see a lot more and meet up with more people. I’ve broken down some of the highlights of what I experienced and saw at the con! Let’s do this!

I don't have any pics of myself as a Ghostbuster at the show yet, so enjoy this thing.

I don’t have any pics of myself as a Ghostbuster at the show yet, so enjoy this thing.

First up, this was my first time ever “cosplaying” at a convention. I was dressed up as a Ghostbuster, but instead of creating a super fancy movie accurate suit, I used the old Kenner Toys as the props. It was pretty fun. I didn’t get many picture requests, but that’s because I’m not a hot lady. I definitely think I have caught the cosplay bug and will do it again in the future. Next up, Storm Shadow!

People Stuff


Comic Books!

One of my roomies during the con was Nate Bellegarde, artist of the super cool comic Nowhere Men fame. It was interesting seeing the artist side of the convention, which is basically going there when it opens and sitting at a table until it closes. Nate was kind enough to provide a prize for an upcoming contest and it is a great one! Keep your eye on the site for the official announcement!



I met artist Brian Shearer. Holy crap, he’s a nice dude. If you’re a Transformers fan, you should definitely follow his work. I’d recommend getting some of his original Transformers art while it’s still reasonably priced!


Minimates! And Zach Oat!

Diamond Select Toys was at c2e2 as usual, but it seemed like their store was a little smaller than the last couple of times. I guess it’s easier on my wallet that way though. I picked up a Ghostbusters ice tray
, which I’ll write about in the future. In addition to their store they also had a nifty Minimate museum set up on the floor. I got to meet the infamous Zach Oat and we chatted a bit. We might be able to do a super powerful team up in the future in the form of a Diamond Select Toys contest!


I also met up with Jimmy Hayes of Challengers Comics and his own blog (sorta NSFW) again. I bring this up, because we may do a post exchange in the near future. Exciting!


Only Twinkies can make a man this happy.

I handed out Twinkies to cool people like the above man. I was shocked at how many people turned me down. I offered Twinkies to the Ghostbusters Chicago crew and every single one of them turned me down. Ghostbusters fans… turning Twinkies down. What the bloody fuck?!

Some Floor Stuff


I was tempted to steal someone’s credit card so I can buy this.

This signed Batman 1989 poster was amazing. It featured signatures from pretty much the whole cast and there’s a separate Bob Kane signature. This is one of those things that if I was rich, I would have bought it without question.


Stuff from that movie!


Another thing from that movie the Hunger Games!

Ladies, try not to get too excited but they had a selection of outfits from the movie The Hunger Games, which was based on the movie Battle Royal, which was based on the Running Man by Stephen King, which in turn was based on the book Push written by Sapphire. The most exciting thing about Jennifer Lawrence’s costume was knowing that her boobs were in there.


Aint no party like an anime wig party!

Check out all of these creepy Anime style wigs. I should get one for my girlfriend… and then she can whine and cry during love making. Just like in the awesome Japanese cartoons!


Copyright violations!

People getting tats at a comic book convention. Never ceases to amaze me. If there’s anything that screams impulse purchase, it’s a tattoo. Also, is Hasbro cool with their artwork being used like that?



My dislike of the whole Brony thing is on record. I try not to make fun of them, because they’re people too. Still, it annoys me. It was funny though that one of the dudes at the Brony Con booth was wearing a t-shirt of Obama punching a Zombie designed by our very own Chris Piers.

p.s. their sign said Baltimare instead of Baltimore. Ugh I can’t fucking stand that horse shit. Get it?


Chalk art is the coolest.

The chalk art at c2e2 was back. I missed it last year. This guy is amazeballs. It is a little too bad that he was hired by NBC to do a Revolution piece and not something more related to the con, but cool chalk art is cool chalk art!


Wow! A car!

For some reason Ford was there with a eco friendly car. I hate when companies show up with completely unrelated things. At least throw some Batman stickers on a car or something. Maybe have one of the failed Knight Rider Mustangs and your dumb car? Ford, you’re better than this.

c2e2 After Hours

Matty and my bud Chuck being sociable.

Matty and my bud Chuck being sociable .

I wish I could tell you all the awesome and crazy stuff I did after hours at c2e2, but I’m a big lame-o. I did homework Friday night. Saturday night we went down to the bar of the Hyatt where everyone hangs out. It’s a busy scene and cool if you know people or want to get to know people. I tried to get a drink, stood at the bar for about 10 minutes and got no service due to it being so busy. So I drank nothing there. Screw you, hotel! Seriously, they should have had a separate cart full of bottled beer like a normal busy bar would haul out for times like that.

Matty and my bud Chuck played Cards against Humanity with some of the folks from Cosplay Deviants (NSFW). That was interesting, because I didn’t tell them that I was the wold famous Vincent from Robot’s Pajamas, nor did I think they would have cared. Anyway, Matty and Chuck tried to strike up a game with a girl that had been sitting at the mostly unoccupied table. She was nice and then her boyfriend showed up and acted like a real dick to them and her because she was talking to two dudes. Nerd dudes, chill out. That’s the kind of behavior that will lose you that girl who is clearly out of your league.

Overall c2e2 2013 was great. It’s really become the #1 Chicago convention and the best one I’ve been to in the Midwest. I attended 0 panels, since I have an aversion to such things and I’m fine with that. I wish I could have done more social stuff and would have scheduled my time a little better and been able to cosplay more.

c2e2 2013: 3 out of 3 thumbs

  • Looks cool. Did Matty take silly photos? If so, get those up ASAP. Seeing the Brony guy in a shirt I drew is very strange. I’m excited to see anyone wear one but I also do not get the Brony thing at all. Ah well, it takes all kinds to make these cons work.

  • Matty did, but he has a back injury and all the photos on his camera… so he’s probably not up to editing or sending them at the moment.

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