c2e2 2012!

Vincent   April 22, 2012   1 Comment on c2e2 2012!
Drowning in a sea of nerds at c2e2.

Drowning in a sea of nerds at c2e2.

Well folks another c2e2 has come and gone and it… well… I didn’t get to spend as much time as I’d normally had liked. However, since the c2e2 folks were super great as always, I totally owe them some coverage from this year’s show.

This year I limited my trip to just one day, Saturday. This is a huge change from super convention to nerd to part time visitor nerd, so my coverage of the show is limited.

Again, this year I skipped all panels. They’re a big reason why people go to cons, but for me my experiences mostly revolves around lusting after girls in costumes and searching for kick ass toys and junk.

Some Quick Points:

  • I’m only nine issues away from having a complete ROM Spaceknight run. The dream is almost fulfilled! Then onto completing my Micronauts run!
  • What happened to all the 5 dollar trade booths? Back in the day there’d be like 3 a con. They’ve all just disappeared.
  • Missed the chalk artist guy from last year. He had this awesome mural on the floor all in colored chalk.
  • I got to meet some really cool Twitter people. I’m sad that I missed a few of you folks, but I guess there’s always next year!

All in all, C2e2 was a great time for me and it felt more like what Wizard World used to be when it was good. I really wish I could have seen more, but oh well. Keep tuned for more pics and products I picked up at the show!

  • That crowd! Anyway, how was the weather outside?