Buffy 2: All the Buffy without any of the Talent!


I think the internet completely exploded in the last couple of days after a bit of news in the Hollywood Reporter that Rubel Kuzui, director of the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie, wants to make another one that wouldn’t have the involvement of Joss Whedon nor the cast from the television series. Now, I wasn’t a big fan of the show it’s insane to think that anything Buffy could exist without Whedon. Even though his original screenplay was almost completely changed by Hollywood, it’s almost impossible to imagine a Buffy movie that didn’t have his involvement at all. It would be like Star Wars without George Lucas. Oh wait, Star Wars without George Lucas might be a good thing…

You know, I could kind of see a new Buffy movie working as an offshoot and not an official reboot, but as an internet blogger who deals with nerdy things I’m contractually obligated to say something like: This news makes me what to drive nails in my eyes argahaahahahaha!!!1

There, did I overreact enough?

  • While I do think it’s too early for a Buffy remake (the franchise needs its dormancy period), I would think the creative and critical success of Star Trek would earn this project a little benefit of the doubt.