Bruce Campbell Will Continue to Battle Deadites on New “Evil Dead” TV Show

Chris Piers   November 10, 2014   Comments Off on Bruce Campbell Will Continue to Battle Deadites on New “Evil Dead” TV Show

Bruce Campbell as Ash in The Evil Dead II

The news just broke that director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell from “The Evil Dead” trilogy will reunite to create a TV continuation of the story. Starz picked the show up straight-to-series with a 10 episode order. Bruce Campbell will star as Ash, the unlikely hero who battles the titular Evil Dead and Raimi will direct the first episode. The show will premier in 2015 and the show will be titled “Ash vs. the Evil Dead.”

Bruce Campbell as Ash in Army of Darkness

Ash was the sole survivor of The Evil Dead which was semi-remade/semi-sequelized in The Evil Dead II where he became a bit more of a bumbler but battled even bigger forces. He was transported back to the medieval ages to once again battle the forces of the dead in Army of Darkness. Most recently, the series received a light reboot with director Fede Alvarez’ Evil Dead movie which had a post-credit scene teasing Ash’s return. Since Army of Darkness came out in 1991, fans of the films and filmmakers (they go hand in hand with the majority of fandom) figured we were unlikely to see the 56-year old Bruce Campbell play Ash once more. But it’s happening. Raimi previously teased the idea of a future Evil Dead film teaming up Ash with Mia from the 2013 film.

Bruce Campbell as Ash in The Evil Dead

It seemed unlikely for the childhood friends Raimi and Campbell to reunite for another Evil Dead after their careers took off separate from one another. Raimi became well-known for the Spider-Man trilogy and the recent Oz movie and Campbell played ex-spy Sam Axe for 7 seasons on the USA Network’s popular Burn Notice tv show. But now it’s happening. Thanks Starz!