BraveStarr by Moebius


If you don’t know that I have a bit of an obsession with the 1980s toy and cartoon line Bravestarr, then I’ll let you in, I love BraveStarr. Pure logic would dictate that I’d like original BraveStarr art and while that applies to the above image, I love it even more because it is a work by Moebius aka Jean Giraud.

For those not familiar with Moebius, he’s a French artist who has touched some really great geek properties. He’s been a part of great comics, but perhaps cooler than that he’s worked on any number of sci-fi and fantasy films including Alien, Tron, Willow, the Abyss, and he played a huge role in the look of Blade Runner. Yeah, Moebius has got some extreme geek cred and therefore it makes this BraveStarr art that much cooler.

My only nitpick? If one didn’t know any better it looks like Bravestarr is stealing that cash. That’s impossible though, because Bravestarr is noble and true. Unless it was his evil twin. Oh! I just got an idea for my Bravestarr fan fiction!

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Thanks to: LamarRevenger
Via: Comics Alliance

  • Can his twin brother be named “CowardSun”? Considering he had the eyes of a hawk, strength of a bear, and speed of a puma, I’ll never understand how the white man got the jump on his people.