Book Review: Domald Tromp Pounded in the Butt by the Handsome Russian T-Rex Who also Peed On His Butt and then Blackmailed Him With the Videos of His Butt Getting Peed On

domald tromp book

So look… if you read the title, you’ve basically read this story. It’s really short. It’s about 14 pages long. So essentially a novella. And if you read the title, you basically get the big joke. But is it worth buying this Kindle story by Chuck Tingle? Well, it’s only $2.99 (or free if you subscribe to KindleUnlimited). So that’s not a huge investment. It’s more than you pay for a full book but arguably close to what you may pay for a comic book. And there’s a second story of equal length included. But what’s inside?

Not a lot! I decided to get this on a whim after seeing insane book titles by Chuck Tingle for the last few years and this one just tickled me enough to get it. I read it aloud to my fiancee and we both laughed pretty hard. But I don’t think I’d ever read it again unless, I dunno, it came up at a party or something? That’s a stretch.

Basically, a real estate developer named Domald Tromp goes to Russia for a good time and Glern, the hotel concierge, tells him he’ll assign him a personal documentarian so he can have a souvenir tape. After going further and further looking for adventure, Tromp ultimately has some elaborate sex with a T-Rex prostitute and realizes that the documentary isn’t for him but actually for the Russian government. I got a good laugh when he realizes this is a clever plan by the Russians.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can quite justify paying 3 bucks for this joke. On the other hand, if you already have KindleUnlimited, it’s probably worth a read. Or maybe you can read one of Chuck Tingle’s several dozen other short gay monster stories. Worth a laugh at least once.