Book Reports: Terminator Salvation Cold War


Terminator Salvation Cold War – By Greg Cox

Book Report By Vincent

I bet you thought I was done reading Terminator books, right? Wrong! This is only the tip of the iceberg! Well not really, I just happened to pick this up because I got it on the cheap. Like Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes, this is another book that was released to tie into Terminator Salvation. This time it’s a standard adventure with only cameos from major Terminator characters like John Connor.

The story picks up at the very start of Judgment Day. A Russian sub is ordered to launch their nukes, they do and the their missiles head to Alaska while they go into hiding. Then the story jumps ahead to several years after Judgement Day where the human Resistance is fighting Skynet in all its evil robotic glory. They’re led by a former park ranger who plans on taking down a Skynet train that hauls uranium to the lower 48 to use in constructing new and deadly terminators. While that part is exciting and all (and a rather standard type of Terminator story), the part I found the most interesting was the alternating chapters that dealt with the story of the Russian sub. That time frame is one that hasn’t really been covered in Terminator media before, the time after Judgment Day but before Skynet had built up its army of robot killers. While it still had some evil robots, it had to rely on people to help it run its factories and… well to kill people. The other stuff in the book is interesting, but I was really into the Russian sub business.

Still, even with the parts I didn’t like, it was nice that they didn’t try to shoehorn the major Terminator characters into this were it wouldn’t make sense.

If you like Terminators and would like an injection of robotic killing machines included in your reading, then check out Terminator Salvation: Cold War.

  • The dude looks like a borg. The story sounds interesting though. It sounds like it could easily be a zombie story, ya know, instead of killer robots, killer zombies.