Book Report: Transformers Dinobots Strike Back

Vincent   June 30, 2014   Comments Off on Book Report: Transformers Dinobots Strike Back



After buying the enormous Transformers collection of our friend Chris Piers I ended up with a few of these Find Your Fate Junior Transformers books. They’re like Choose Your Own Adventure books, but with Transformers. And for a lower literacy level. Of course, I made my girlfriend play along.

The story starts out like this: The Insecticons attacked the Dinobots and they won. The Dinobots are mind controlled with Swoop being the only one not affected. The Dinobots are off on a rampage.

Her first choice was to warn Optimus Prime, then after being confronted with several choices she eventually got to a point where she had to decide if Windcharger should stand 40 feet from the rampaging Dinobots or further away to activate his magnet power to stop them. She picked the 40 feet option and the magnet tore the Dinobots apart. The book made it pretty clear that the Dinobots were dead. Surprisingly, she didn’t give a damn. “They’re robots, why can’t they just rebuild them?” She’s cold.


Paging through the book it looks like dolphins show up as well as a giant lizard. Also Bumblebee gets put in prison. So that’s something to look forward to.

The book is pretty much what you’d expect of it. Occasionally there’s some drawings and they are really fantastic. This book is totally worth it for the G1 Transformers fan.