Book Report: Stillbright by Dan Ford

Vincent   March 8, 2017   Comments Off on Book Report: Stillbright by Dan Ford


This is the internet and nobody reads well thought out posts any more so I’ll not waste your time: Stillbright is a great book. Go out and buy it.

If you’re still reading and need more convincing I’ll help you out a little. Stillbright is the second book in the Paladin trilogy following Ordination. It features the paladin Allystaire and his companions as they build and then defend the village they’ve adopted as home of their Goddess.

What makes this book great, and in fact better than, Ordination is that now we’ve been introduced to the main characters (save one) Ford could concentrate on propelling the story further. Sure you can get super rad powers from a Godess and get a bunch of followers, but what then? How do you prepare defenses for your city? How about organizing a justice system? What if the local churches don’t recognize your church and what if the worst happens and you’re labeled apostates? Stillbright deals with these issues in such a well written way that I was in a page turning frenzy until I had finished the book.

The world building continues in Stillbright so you get a better sense of the geography and the competing factions. There are more magical creatures and spells that appear that feel like they fit perfectly into the world. And the fights. Oh man, the fights are so good.

Do yourself a favor and give Stillbright a shot. I feel like Ford is going to continue to grow as an author and get better and more popular. Read his stuff now so you can tell your friends that you were a fan before it was cool.

Note: Stillbright was provided to me by Dan Ford. Don’t think that colored my opinion. Believe me, if I thought it sucked I would say so. It does not suck. Buy it.