Book Report: Starrigger


Starrigger by John DeChancie

Book Report by Vincent

Today, I’m going to talk about a very special book. I knew I had to read it as soon as I picked it up and it’s due to the above cover. The blurb on the front is one of the best blurbs of all time, “Space Truckers! highballing the skyway between the stars!” How fricken boss is that? It might as well read, “This book is so awesome, you’ll shit your pants.”

I also really dig that painting of the truck. It was done by James Gurney who is most famous for his Dinotopia books, which are awesome but still kind of pussifies dinosaurs. He should have stuck to space trucks or dinosaurs fighting space truckers or something other than gay dinosaur parades.

With such an impressive cover, I was actually afraid to start reading Starrigger. Usually when I buy a book based solely on the cover, I end up being disappointed. Please refer back to my report on Hound of Dracula or The Avatar.

This time things were a tad different. It’s got just about enough action mixed in with Big Ideas to make it a fun read. The story starts out with Jake McGraw (how’s that for a hero name?) who is just a regular space trucker who has to deal with a jerk who runs the biggest trucking union known as TATTOO. Things go sour when the jerk tries to rub out our hero and he’s out on the lamb. While he’s on the run he meets a hot chick (what sci-fi book would be complete without the requisite hot chick). And that’s not all! Think about all the great sci-fi movies you’ve ever seen and all the great big rig themed television shows and movies you have seen. What do they have in common? Animal or alien sidekicks! Starrigger doesn’t disappoint with it’s alien monkey thing named Winnie. Even better, Winnie comes from a planet where humans are destroying her habitat. Watch out Avatar!

Now Starriger isn’t without its problems. The first is that if you’re confused by time travel at all or aren’t paying close attention, you might find yourself a bit lost. The second is that the book is over with a lot of loose ends remaining. Now I have to read the rest of the books if I want to find what was going on in the first one. There also wasn’t as much truck driving as I’d wanted. On the plus side though, they did ride around in a really kick ass car for awhile.

If you like sci-fi books with some nice action and some neat ideas, then Starriger is for you. If you don’t like those things, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog.

  • Yo, Vincent. STARRIGGER has two sequels: RED LIMIT FREEWAY and PARADOX ALLEY. This last ties up all those “loose ends.” They’re available used.

  • Vincent

    Is this really THE John DeChancie? If it is, that’s totally awesome. I’m keeping my eyes peeled when I go to used bookstores. Any chance I can get Starrigger signed?

  • Vincent,

    The entire Skyway Trilogy is out in e-book format: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and a bunch of others. Go to or Or:

    Thanks for your support!

    John DeChancie

  • Woah, thanks for the info! Next time I get a few moments I’ll make a post about this and drop a mention on my podcast.