Book Report: Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Long Mirage

Vincent   March 9, 2017   Comments Off on Book Report: Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Long Mirage


I’m disappointed in myself. This was the second Deep Space Nine book that I’ve started, but could not finish (the first was Ascendance). I made it 112 pages in this book out of 386 and I said to myself, “I just can’t do this anymore.”

The Long Mirage is a well written book. The problem is that I’m presented with three plots. 1. Kira comes back from a long absence in the worm hole and gets into love triangle thing with Ro and this time traveling Bajoran. 2. Quark hired a detective to look for Morn and he’s going off to chase her down because she scammed him. 3. Nog and some guy I’ve never heard of are looking for Vic Fontaine who is essentially missing in his own program.

Out of the three stories I really was only interested in the Vic Fontaine one. It was really great how they set it up, there were real stakes for Nog and his pal failing. Basically, Vic Fontaine would be erased if they failed. Unfortunately, I had to slog my way through the other plots to get to that one. They just didn’t interest me at all.

If you want to check out what’s happening since DS9 has gone off the air, you better check out a wiki article, because so much has happened in these books that despite the best efforts of the author I’m still a little lost as to what’s going on. I dont know what happened to Sisko even though it seems like he has gotten out of the wormhole at some point, no Dax, no Bashir, no Worf, no Garak, a passing bit with Odo, and only a mention of O’Brian. Basically all of my favorite characters are nowhere to be seen or busy doing something else. A welcome return was Ro who was on Next Generation. She became Captain of DS9… but the one thing that really bugged me about her is she had a romantic relationship with Quark. Gross.

I feel like The Long Mirage has a very limited audience of Star Trek fans that have been following the book series for awhile. I’m not one of these people and I’m not interested nor invested enough in the remaining characters to keep reading. If the book would have been mostly the Vic Fontaine story I would have hung in there. It’s a shame.