Book Report: Star Trek Deep Space nine Ascendance


The last Star Trek book that I reported on was Child of Two Worlds, that tale took place in the time before ToS. While I dig the time frame, I got really excited when I got Ascendance as DS9 is pretty much my favorite Star Trek series. However, sixty pages in I found myself not having a good time.

Here’s why: The book takes place after the end of the television series and, presumably, after a lot of books have come out that take place in this continuity. Kira is in command of DS9 and Dax is in second command. Something vague happens to Odo at the beginning for the book. The problem here is that a new reader is constantly reminded of things that occurred before. It just felt like there were too many instances of introduce something and then explain a bit what happened before. It felt like there wasn’t enough forward progression.

The set up was interesting, for sure. A large fleet of super powerful vessels is on it’s way to Bajor. It’s led by someone (I’m not getting into it) that has basically scammed a religious order into following her to Bajor to blow it up. And while I wanted to find out more it took 60 pages and they still weren’t at Bajor yet. It just wasn’t working for me. I did what I hate doing, I stopped reading. I struggled with the decision. The completest in me feels that I should. And if I’m going to report/review on a book, I should read the entire thing. However, life is only so long and I had no joy in reading this book. I had to stop.

This isn’t to say this is a bad book. Like I said, the situation the characters are in is interesting. It just wasn’t for me. Perhaps if you’ve read more of these Deep Space Nine books you’ll like it. It wasn’t for me.