Book Report: Insomnia


Insomnia By Stephen King

Book Report by Vincent

Oh man, this isn’t a good sign. I’ve knocked out another Stephen King book off my list and it was not a fun experience. This time I tackled Insomia, mostly because I had heard there were tie ins to the Gunslinger series, but even more so because I fished a copy out of the garbage at work.

Insomnia starts out very slowly with the main character, Ralph Roberts, having sleeping problems… like the title implies. He’s an elderly chap whose wife has died fairly recently and he doesn’t have a lot going on except for this horrible loss sleep. Things get a bit bizarre when a dude in town goes nuts and beats the hell out of his wife. From then on Ralph starts seeing auras and strange little bald doctors.

To reveal any more would be a deserve to those who want to read the book for themselves, but the short version is that it kind of sucks. The biggest problem I had with it is that *spoiler* there are these little men that go around cutting the auras of everyone who dies. Now that’s an interesting concept, but the more I thought about it the more it fell apart in my head. And when that happens in fiction, I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the novel. My suspension of disbelief was cut like the doctors cutting the auras. *end spoiler*

Fans of the Dark Tower series might want to check this one out, because of many connections between Insomnia and Roland’s adventures in that series. Unfortunately, this too is also sort of ruined by the fact that some of the connections actually don’t connect, a fact which is even addressed in the Dark Tower series. It feels like Stephen King was pulling a bit of George Lucas by writing plot elements in this work before he actually finished the rest of the story. When he didn’t want to go with them, he just changed them creating inconsistencies. Unlike Lucas though, King at least addresses them in his work.

This is one of the only King books that I ever skimmed through the last few pages. That my friends, is not the sign of a great novel. I’m really crossing my fingers that the next Stephen King book will rekindle my love for his work.

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    Well, I will cross that one off my list.