Book Report: I, Robot


I, Robot – By Isaac Asimov

Book Report By Vincent

When I first started reading I, Robot I was confused. I asked myself, “Will Smith is going to show up soon right? And then he’ll be driving Audis and fighting robots and it will be off the hook!” The more I read, the less it made sense. Will Smith wasn’t showing up and scientists were solving logic problems. It was devastating, it felt like someone punched me in the face and said, “Welcome to EARF!”

All kidding aside, here’s where I explode a lot of nerd minds. I didn’t care that much for I, Robot. I understand the place it holds in the history of science fiction and the science of robotics. Overall though, it’s a bit dated.

I should probably explain the breakdown of the book. It’s a collection of short stories that are connected through a few characters and the overall progress of the evolution of robots. Almost every story serves as a sort of logic puzzle that must be solved by the characters in order to get out of a sticky situation.

I, Robot really picked up in the final two stories. The first is a question of whether or not a man running for office is a robot and it still holds up.  The final one involves a mystery where robots may be making mistakes and why they might be making them.

Now I realize that not liking I, Robot, one of the most important works of science fiction in the history of the genre, makes me sound like a real dummy. I freely admit this. This next part may put me over the edge into idiot range. I was really surprised to find out how little to do with the movie version that is shitty. Seriously. I thought there’d be at least one story that related to the book, but they barely even tried. It makes me feel even better for not watching more than 5 minutes of that piece of garbage.

One thing I’d like to point out is that I found I, Robot strangely depressing, mainly due to the fact that there was every indication and hope that during the writing and publishing the book that not only would robotics be advanced to the point where we could have actual conversations with robots in 1998, but that we’d have space stations and sending expeditions to places like Mercury. And yeah, robots are becoming a more a part of our lives with things like the Roomba, but we’ve only been to the moon and have had a robot on Mars. So depressing for our progress as a civilization.

As a side note, our robot friend Herman Botsworth did not like this book at all. He thinks serving humans is good, but the very idea that a robot should never harm a human is ridiculous. This frightens me.

  • lamartherevenger

    It is dated… but then a lot of classic Sci-Fi is. Still, I really think I, Robot is one of the best anthologies for the genre

  • Wes GRogan

    Foundation is a much better series by far. I, Robot is alright, but only when considered with the others books in that line.

  • Knarf Sudragob

    I am still waiting for a movie version of I am legend that would be true to an amazing story and f will smith!