Book Report: Blaze

Vincent   November 2, 2011   Comments Off on Book Report: Blaze


Blaze – By Richard Bachman aka Stephen King

Book Report By Vincent

To anyone who has never read a book before and is completely clueless, let me clarify. Richard Bachman was the pen name of Stephen King until his author trickery was discovered and he had Bachman “killed.” Contrast that to that awful Nora Roberts and her equally terrible persona of J.D. Robb. Why write in a pen name when everyone knows who that pen name is? But I digress.

The novel Blaze features a giant of a man who goes by the nickname of Blaze. Blaze is a fairly dumb crook who once partnered up with a smaller, smarter con man. That con man recently died leaving Blaze alone to try to survive off of robbing and scamming people. Blaze gets it into his head to pull off one big heist that his former friend once talked about and the results are… predictably bad.

Blaze is the 37th book I’ve read in the “I must read all of Stephen King’s Published Novels Challenge.” I was fairly excited by this one, because for some crazy reason some of my favorite King books are his outings as Richard Bachman. I’m not sure exactly why. Maybe overall they’re a bit more “realistic” or they have a grittier vibe. Most likely it’s due to the fact that they were all written before King started his big slump into tiring King tropes. Blaze was written in the ’70s and rewritten by King much later on. I’m not sure how much of the original was kept, but it didn’t exactly feel like a later King book and for that I’m grateful.

I’m going to keep this one short. Basically, I dug Blaze. It was suspenseful and like I stated before, doesn’t include a lot of bullshit found in most of King’s shittier books. Although, I did have to read about Blaze pissing in a toilet in detail for no reason. Oh that King, keeping it real with his in depth details on bodily functions!

If you like suspenseful crime stories, I’d say give this one a shot. There’s nothing that’s too supernatural about it and you can really relate to the characters, even the ones performing the crimes. Normally I’m not into these kinds of tales, but because it’s Bachman (King) I was much more invested in it than I normally would be. The story is solid, the characterizations are great, I’d say if you want to try a King book out that doesn’t feel like a typical Stephen King story this is a good one to try.