Book Report: 3.75 Joe Creating A Real American Hero Vol 1


Hey, hey it seems like a regular thing that I review a book about G.I. Joe toys. This time it’s 3.75 Joe by Dan Klingensmith. Like other G.I. Joe books I’ve looked at this too came about thanks to a Kickstarter, because Hasbro has pretty much abandoned G.I. Joe.

Creating_GIJoe_A Real American Hero_1

What makes this different than the other Joe books? 3.75 Joe features info and tons of pics of prototype Joe figures and vehicles. It’s rad. It contains tons of stuff that I never knew that I wanted relating the G.I. Joe toys. There’s all kinds of great factoids on how certain figures and vehicles changed from conception to production.

Creating_GIJoe_A Real American Hero_2

3.75 Joe is a rather thin book, but for it’s small size it packs in a lot of figures. I was surprised it doesn’t just focus on the first few years of the toys, but it goes pretty far into the history of the small 3.75 figures.

While there are some questionable decisions design wise, this book is loaded with so much goodness that I can overlook them. This is another Kickstarter that I’m glad to have supported. And since this is Volume 1 there’s going to be the inevitable Volume 2. Since I liked this one so much, I’d give this another pledge. If you missed out, it looks like there are some available on the book’s website.