Blue Pepsi Girl Cosplay?


I'm never drinking Coke again! I swear hot Japanese lady!

I’ve said it many times before, I dislike anime and manga. But, it sometimes brings us slightly bizarre cosplay like this: a hot chick in a nifty outfit sporting Pespi logos. I’m really lost at what’s going on here, so just enjoy the images.

Oh, and no I don’t care where she’s from or why she has Pespi logos. I simply don’t give a shit. And if you try to tell me, I will ignore you so I don’t become any dumber than I already am. I can’t afford more dumb in my brain parts.


Okay... I'll write it... pew pew pew

Is this an invitation to smell a finger?

Is this an invitation to smell a finger?

She's about to blast off!

She's about to blast off!

Thanks to: Sankaku Complex (site NSFW)

  • Because we’ve known each other for a bazillion years and we’re great friends, I’m going to tell you anyway. You also may have some readers who are wondering what the hell is going on. Sorry, but I’m going to be “that guy” here because I like the show she’s in.
    -Her name is Blue Rose and she’s from an anime called Tiger & Bunny. In this world, the superheroes all have corporate sponsors. She has ice/freezing powers, so of course Pepsi wants to be sponsoring the hot blue-haired chick who’ll keep that delicious Pepsi ice-cold. There is a TV crew that follows around the superheroes and makes a reality show out of the heroes doing their heroic deeds. The winner at the end of a season is the one who scores the most points by arresting bad guys, having dramatic entrances, saving civilians, and stuff. Most of the heroes are heroes just to earn points and win the show, but one of them actually wants to be a real hero and help people. They do this reality show for awhile, but then a mysterious new hero starts actually killing criminals. Then a super villain in prison escapes and holds the city hostage and has the TV crew film him beating the shit out of the heroes.
    -Tiger & Bunny is a new series and is being simulcast on Hulu, for those of you who want to check it out. It’s one of the many series that I’ve started watching recently that I haven’t absolutely hated. I may watch a lot of anime, but I hate just as many series as I like.

  • Jebus Christmas. I vomited at the first line of your explanation. I hate anime that much.

  • Ha! I figured something about it would make you rage vomit.

  • Mecha-Shiva

    Photoshopped(enhanced) cosplay pics irk me thoThere are figuarts for Tigerand Bunny and this girl might get a figure too.