Black Friday Round Up!

Vincent   November 29, 2013   2 Comments on Black Friday Round Up!

It’s Black Friday 2013, so what better way to reward the loyal Robot’s Pajamas readers by unloading a big ole Friday Round Up. You filled yourself up with turkey yesterday, fill yourself up with geek stuff today!

Movie Stuff


Sif! Jaimie Alexander, the actress that plays Sif in the Thor movies, went to a children’s hospital in full Sif gear. Holy crap, she’s awesome.

Sci-fi Zorro: Man, I wish this movie would have happened. It’s a Zorro film that’s post apocalyptic. Check out the trailer while you can, I think it’s being taken down by the copyright patrol.


Skyfall: Thanks to Netflix I caught Skyfall, you know that James Bond movie. I think I liked it more than almost any other Bond movie I’ve seen. It’s interesting that the movie seems to serve three purposes: 1. Bring back a bunch of old Bond stuff therefore reestablishing the status quo. 2. Tell a new type of Bond story. 3. Show Bond’s nipples for over half the film. It succeeds at three of it’s missions.

Star Wars: The Apprentice Here’s a short fan film that’s pretty cool, especially from an action standpoint. Interesting to see lightsaber combat in such a quick cut way, yet you can still see what’s going on.

Television Stuff

Dr. Who With all the Dr. Who hubbub lately, I thought a lot about just why I haven’t joined in on the fun. I like the idea pre-2005 Dr. Who. I really liked 2005 Dr. Who too… but then I stopped watching. I think I can lay the blame on David Tennant. Man, he annoys the shit out of me. Anytime he utters something along the lines of, “humans are so Amaaaazing”, I want to punch him in the face. And he’s got all these facial expressions that are almost rat like. No disrespect intended.

Besides this, I think I’ll try to make it through his tenure to see if it gets any better. So far so good. I made it past the Cybermen vs. the Dalek episodes and they were pretty awesome.


Leave it to Beaver: How did I not know that Leave it to Beaver was on Netflix streaming?! I love that damned show. There’s some genuinely funny writing alongside the servings of corny.

Funny Stuff


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dicks: I don’t know why this makes me as happy as it does. If you enjoy this, check out the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page for tons-o-fun.

Source: Unknown


Hilarious Star Trek Lines: I actually ad an idea for a post of the top out of context hilarious moments in Star Trek, but I wasn’t sure where to start without rewatching all of Star Trek from the beginning. io9 beat me to it.

These lines are great. “Brain and brain. What is brain?” was a staple of my household for a number of years.


Ghost Burning Some amateur ghost hunters burned down an historic haunted house. Well that’s certainly one way to bust a ghost.


Dark Dungeons: One of my most popular posts of all time was a review of Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeons. I was recently made aware of a funny retrospective of Dark Dungeons where they act like the events really happened. Check it out!


Twinkie Turkey: My love of Hostess has ebbed and flowed since their shut down and being reborn, but here’s something I don’t think I ever need to try, a Twinkie turkey.

Music Stuff

Franky Teardrop: Thanks to the podcast Analyze Phish, I’ve been listening to old “The Best Show” airings and it really is a great radio show. Too bad that it is ending soon. Seriously, check it out if you like dry humor mixed with some music talk.

Anyway, they talked about a song called Franky Teardrop. I’m not cool and I don’t listen to much music and I’m certainly not hip enough to have found out about this sooner, however it’s one seriously fucked up song.

Toy Stuff


3D Joes: 3D Joes has an interesting thing for sale right now, a desktop wallpaper for you computer of all the G.I. Joes released in the 1980s. It’s 2 bucks, but he took all the pics himself so it will help offset the cost of his hours and hours of picture taking.

  • Aria

    Now you just have to watch out because from now on when playing Ghostbusters RPG our solution to all ghosts problems will be to burn the place down!

  • I’m sure people that hired you would love that. Or the possibility that you could easily kill innocent people.