Bikini Girl Riding a Robot Dragon

Vincent   December 29, 2010   Comments Off on Bikini Girl Riding a Robot Dragon

During my birthday festivities in November, I put out a request on the Robot’s Pajamas Facebook page and the official Robot’s Pajamas Twitter accounts for gifts. I suggested sending me pictures of bikini girls riding robot dragons. Surprisingly, a few fans took me up on the offer. I did get a few responses, all of them super sweet works of art, which I finally got around to posting. Check them out!

Twitter follower @Winnie sent this traditional work:


Twitter follower @T16Skyhopp sent this twist on the theme, a bikini robot riding a dragon:


Twitter follower @katyincloud sent me this really cool drawing that spanned multiple pages:


Robot’s Pajama Party co-host Matty pulled this sweet artwork together in Photoshop:


Thanks to the kids that sent them in!