Vincent   November 18, 2010   2 Comments on Berfday


I know that 99% of the people visiting the blog won’t give a shit that it’s my birthday. The reason why I’m sharing this is now that it is my birthday, the parody song, “Birthday Checks” is now stuck in my head. The song is by Scott Aukerman of the most awesome podcast, Comedy Death Ray Radio.

As a side note, I was amazed at how many people have ripped this song off, with the exact same lyrics, and claimed it as their own parody of “Birthday Sex” without crediting Aukerman. It’s really pathetic.

  • ur dad

    I care but then again I was there for the initial event….

  • PrfktTear

    Congratulations to you on the day of the celebration of the anniversary of your mother’s womb.