Baywatch had Vampires and Other Monsters

When most people hear “Baywatch” they remember something like this:


It was a cheeseball show about lifeguards that got into way more adventures than any lifeguard should reasonably be expected to get into. But did you know that it also dealt with… the supernatural?

But star and producer David Hasselhoff figured there was still MORE adventure for his character, Mitch Buchanan so he created a spinoff called Baywatch Nights. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. At night, instead of calling it a day, Mitch started his second job as a private investigator. Kind of like all those WWF wrestlers in the 80s. They weren’t just wrestlers, they always had a second job as an accountant or a dentist or a clown. Mitch fought MONSTERS at night.

Read on to watch short videos of some of the craziest monsters Mitch battled.

The first season of Baywatch Nights tanked pretty hard. So Hasselhoff decided to completely reimagine what the show was. The X-Files was a hot new show at the time so he decided why not borrow some of that? So now he fought vampires, aliens, demons and time travelers every night. It’s worth keeping in mind that, unlike The X-Files, Baywatch Nights: 1) had a tiny budget; 2) did not have actors the caliber of Duchovny and Anderson; 3) had a lead actor who was pretty busy with his actual day job on Baywatch.

Here’s what happened when they had Mitch fight a vampire:

There was the quality time that Mitch investigated one of the other Baywatch lifeguards getting possessed. This has the best punch sound effects around minute 3.

But you’re probably wondering, “Did he ever fight a Viking with a broom?” The answer may not surprise you:

  • Lamar The Revenger

    When Baywatch Nights came out, I thought is was just a copy of Silk Stalkings or one of those after 11pm USA channel nearly soft core tv shows.

  • My favorite ep is when he encounters Alexandra Paul’s ghost. For those unfamiliar with Baywatch, Alexandra Paul was basically the affirmative action hire of the show – flat chested, kinda mannish. She was there “to keep the show honest”. Anyway, when she announced her desire to leave, they went into overkill for getting rid of her character. First, she was diagnosed with cancer. Before we could see if the treatment was working, she was crushed my a mast in their Perfect Storm episode. I still remember her death gurgles. Since she and Mitch always had a Will They/Won’t They thing, her ghost came back for closure. I watched way too much Baywatch…

  • Lamar The Revenger


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