Man Builds Battle of Hoth in His Living Room


The images here pretty much speak for themselves, but in case your brain can’t process all that awesome at once I’ll step you through it. This dude decided to recreate the Battle of Hoth in his living room (140 sq. ft.) and boy… did he pull it off.





Now please excuse me while I nerd out. There’s so many amazing things here in this recreation of the most famous ground battle in sci-fi movie history, but I really appreciate the sense of scale that he manages to convey. He’s using the more modern 1:18th scale Star Wars figures with the smaller sized AT-ATs (here’s my review of the larger one). The Snowspeeders are a smaller scale than the figures, but are more in line with the AT-ATs. I’m guessing Action Fleet or the short lived small Unleashed line.

Here’s a video showing off the display. It’s so crazy to see those smoke pillars as he moves the camera around. It totally looks like a moment frozen in time.

On a personal note, dude picked an incredibly weird song for this video. In fact, it’s one of my go-to songs for when a chick breaks up with me and I’m drunk and laying naked on the floor crying. I know, I know, I seem so tough on the outside, but I have feelings!

The most ball blowing details are those explosion lights. They look so friggen real! Why isn’t some company making these? I’ll take ten please! Or I supposed I could make my own. Dude even uploaded a tutorial to show you how to do it.

If you watch the video you’ll find out that the lights are made of chicken wire and cotton balls. If you leave them on long enough you’ll end up with a real life fire effect in your home. There’s got to be a way to make these things that would let you leave them on without fear of killing yourself in a massive house fire.

Source: Geekology

His Thread on The Fighting 1:18

  • Lamar The Revenger

    that is STILL a beautiful thing. My dream diorama..

  • He did a great job with the snow and explosions. But then the painted backdrop is kind of half-assed. He should redo that.

  • Maybe he’s not good at painting? He can’t do it all, man!

  • Outsource it to someone who can!

  • I hate to be That Guy, especially when you can tell this was a labor of love. Still, I see something like this, and I feel the subtitle to your heading would be “Same Man Jerks Off Into Hand, While Lying In Empty Bed”…