Battle Cat is Battletastic

I don’t want to be one of those people that’s like, “Hey, look at my awesome toy! I’m a geek!” on this site, but sometimes I have to break the rules. Here’s the new Battle Cat made by Mattel in it’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. He’s sweet sauce on top of rocket cake.


Sadly, I don’t have an actual He-Man from the line yet. These things are way too expensive so I have to be ultra careful about which characters I purchase. At 20 bucks a pop, plus shipping which is about 8 it’s a little insane. I’d have purchased a lot more of the few that I have if wasn’t for that huge price. Sometimes I wish the fans wouldn’t buy any of them so Mattel would be forced to lower the cost, but that would probably just kill the line.

I digress. Battle Cat cost 30 bucks, which is actually a bargain when matched against the damned figures. Babette was kind enough to loan me her Princess Adora figure to add a bit of color to the pics. And just in case you’re not nerdy enough, Princess Adora is She-Ra’s alter-ego.


I’ve never been that big on Battle Cat’s head armor shape, yet he looks so bad ass with it on.


As you might tell from the picture above, Battle Cat (or Cringer without his armor) has got a lot of articulation. His head moves, his legs move, his tail goes up and down, and he’s got a middle that moves as well. He’s pretty much ready for action.


Even without his armor, he’s pretty formidable. Some have said that you can make him look different ways depending on how you move his head and jaw, but I pretty much can only get him to look pissed off and that’s fine by me.


Even when he’s getting pet, he’s ready to attack some muscle head monster. I guess you can’t let your guard down in Eternia.

Overall, Battle Cat is one of the coolest toys I’ve ever laid my nerdy hands on. He’s easily a great purchase when they get around to making him available again. Heck, I’d think kids would love him if they were exposed to him, but with him being only available online that might be a tough call.

  • I love my Battle Cat, too and felt like He-Man himself when I was actually able to order it with all the chaos on MattyCollector. I currently have my SDCC Guile from Street Fighter riding Battle Cat. He’s kind of like He-Man, if He-Man did something with his hair and was angry all the time. And wore pants.

  • Sweet find! My bro had the original when we were kids. It had no articulation, so you had to use your imagination. If I got this new one, it’d stay in the box.

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