Batman v Superman Full Trailer Breakdown

Huh. Another new trailer for a big comic book movie that I didn’t know we were due for. And again it debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Is that, like, the late night show for nerds? Because I usually watch Conan. Anyway, let’s break down the first full trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warning! If you haven’t watched the trailer already, be warned that it gives away some key character reveals for the movie. You may actually not want to watch it and read this article. It’s slightly spoilery.

a fancy party for billionaires in batman v superman

Well oo-la-la, we start at some sort of fancy shmancy gala. Without any clues, I would still guess it’s probably a generic fundraiser for the city of Metropolis held by Lex Luthor for good PR. Right? I mean, it’s the easiest way to put everyone in the same place at the beginning of the movie.

bruce wayne drives himself to a gala

And here’s Bruce Wayne in a really old car. Wish Vincent was doing this breakdown with me ‘cuz he knows cars and I don’t so I can’t tell you what it is. But Vincent didn’t want to get spoiled on anything with this trailer. Fair enough. By the end, it does give away who some characters in the film are. But here’s my biggest question: why no Alfred driving Bruce? That’s weird, right?

clark kent works the red carpet

So here’s Henry Cavill as Clark Kent (psst, he’s Superman!) covering this red carpet affair. Doesn’t seem like a very important news story. Maybe Perry White hates Clark Kent in this story. Clark obviously hasn’t prepared for the evening at all and isn’t much of a newsman because he does not recognize this super famous billionaire. He asks the camera guy next to him, who unfortunately does not seem to be Jimmy Olsen, “Who’s that?” The camera guy can barely contain his boredom or contempt as he mutters: “You must be new. That… is Bruce Wayne.” Good, the trailer said that it’s Bruce Wayne. So we can all finally ignore the insane, insane, insane theory that this movie features Deathstroke as Batman.

clark kent meets bruce wayne

Remember how Clark didn’t know who Bruce Wayne was a second ago? Well now he’s kind of an expert. Amidst many tight closeups of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill meeting one another’s steely gaze, Clark says to Bruce: “Mr. Wayne! Clark Kent, Daily Planet.” and extends his hand for a handshake. Gotta admit, I’ve never seen a reporter go for the handshake on a red carpet interview. This Bruce Wayne has a hint of grey hair at his temples. A bit older than we’re used to.

bruce wayne smiles at clark kent

Clark asks Bruce: “What’s your position on the Bat vigilante?” See? Clark knows Bruce Wayne is from Gotham, even though he had to ask who it was. That’s kinda weird. Bruce Wayne gives the tiniest hint of a smile. See, it’s ironic because Bruce Wayne actually IS the Bat vigilante. Also knows as Batman. I hear he was around for the dawn of justice.

batman brands criminals

Clark continues: “Civil liberties are being trampled on in your city. People living in fear. Thinks he’s above the law.” Throughout this we see some shots we saw in the earliest teaser trailer with a batarang embedded in a wall and a skeevy guy tied up in a warehouse with a bat branded to his chest. Man, even after he gets out of prison, that could impact the guy’s future career options. But I’m also pretty interested in the Gotham Free Press article about “AIR”.

massive superman statue in metropolis

Bruce Wayne responds to Clark’s kinda leading question: “The Daily Planet criticizing those who think they’re above the law is a little hypocritical, wouldn’t you say?” Over this we see a shot of a really huge Superman statue in Metropolis. So I guess despite the devastation caused by his battle with Zod in Man of Steel, overall Metropolis is grateful for Superman. See those panels behind the statue? Reminds me of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. I assume that’s all the people that died in that battle. If I’m right, that’s A LOT. Still, if Metropolis pitched in for the biggest statue ever when they had to rebuild a shit-ton of skyscrapers, I guess they like Superman for the most part. It’s sort of a weird statue pose, though, right? Like, what is Superman doing there? Tending a garden? Tickling an invisible dog’s chin?

superman rescues a russian rocket

Bruce continues: “…Considering every time your hero saves a cat out of a tree you write a puff piece editorial…” Oh snap! That’s a big burn on both Superman and the Daily Planet. But… I’m not sure I follow the logic. Clark accused the “Bat vigilante” of breaking civil liberty laws but Bruce thinks that Superman having a nice article because he saved a cat from a tree is the same thing and therefore hypocritical? And while he says this, Superman saves a Russian rocket that has an accident and explodes. Superman is saving lives.

superman aids flood victims

And Bruce Wayne keeps slamming Superman saying: “…about an alien who could burn the whole place down.” And with this we see Superman not using his heat vision to burn the place down but rather save people from a flood. I do like the “S” symbol the one family there made, because it looks like the original Superman shield. Oh, and they look up to Superman as a savior, as he hangs in the sky with the sun forming a halo around him. The only way the imagery could be more Christ-like is if Superman gave himself stigmata by puncturing his palms with some Kryptonite.

bruce wayne looks at robin suit

Finally Clark defends himself saying: “Most of the world doesn’t share your opinion, Mr. Wayne” And Bruce snaps back: “Maybe it’s the Gotham City in me. We have a bad history of freaks dressed like clowns.” And in case his dialog hinting at the Joker wasn’t quite on-the-nose enough for you, we see Bruce looking at Robin’s costume in the Batcave and the Joker has very obviously spray painted it. Strong implication that Joker killed Robin in the past. And for the conspiracy-minded in you, take a close look at where the bullet holes are in this (arm on the left, shoulder on the right) and see if that matches up with anything else we’ve seen from DC movies.

lex luthor is jesse eisenberg

And here comes Riddler or Joker I think. Jesse Eisenberg is uber-manic as he walks up to the two men and says: “Boys! Bruce Wayne meets Clark Kent! I love it! I love bringing people together! Hi, how are we? Hello, Lex, it is a plea-OW! That is a good grip, you should not pick a fight with this person!” Oh, I guess he’s Lex Luthor. It’s a VERY different interpretation of Luthor than anyone else has gone for. This guy is bouncing around like a guy on Speed. It’s also got another series of winks at the audience. A meta commentary on how big a deal it is for Bruce and Clark to meet. A comment on how strong Clark is and how it wouldn’t be smart to fight him. I get what they’re going for, and it’s a little amusing but it’s also not really got a punchline because we the audience absolutely know who Bruce and Clark really are so it isn’t really ironic. I mean, it’s ironic that none of them know who each other really are, but we are miles ahead of them and eager for them to catch up.

superman has a desert base with soldiers

Here’s a shot of Superman landing in some sort of undeground bunker that he has, that’s staffed with soldiers. Why would Superman ever need soldiers? Well, there’s a small part of me that thinks (hopes) that the soldiers are robots that he got from his Fortress of Solitude. But I don’t know why robots would need helmets or dress almost like Nazis. It’s pretty weird. But weird is interesting.

people protest superman on steps of congress

Superman flies down to the steps of Congress. And now it sure doesn’t look like everyone likes Superman. It looks more like the Westboro Baptist Church showed up. Could this be the result of some Lex Luthor-sponsored public relations. But that’s speculation. Maybe some love him and some hate him. But anytime I see Superman going in front of  lawmakers I think about him speaking to the UN in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. That was not a good movie.

senator finch in batman v superman

Lex Luthor is speaking in front of the Senate and says: “You know the oldest line in America, Senator? That power can be an incentive.” Uh, ok. And there’s actress Holly Hunter as Senator Finch. I’m guessing there’s a Senate subcommittee tasked with wondering how they police Superman. Kind of the DC version of superhero registration. But it’s just a guess.

superman appears before congress

Everyone in the room turns to look at Superman when he arrives. He’s kind of a big deal.

the batcave in batman v superman

Meanwhile, Bruce walks through a very industrial Batcave. You can see the Robin suit on the far right. And water on the bottom. Maybe he’s got a Batboat. He sure has a lot of flourescent lighting. I bet Batman gets very little Vitamin D.

alfred lectures bruce wayne

Alfred pops up but this ain’t yo daddy’s Alfred! This Alfred ain’t balding, he sure don’t have no tiny mustache but he definitely sports hip glasses and a neatly trimmed stubble-beard. He chastises Bruce: “You’re going to go to WAR?!”

explosion at fart street

In my favorite shot we see some more devastation from the end of Man of Steel where a car skids to a stop just before an explosion on Fart Street. Wait, does that really say FART STREET? Okay, while it sure looked like it, apparently this was filmed in Detroit and one of their main roads is Fort Street. That’s nowhere near as entertaining.

bruce wayne witnesses zod and superman level metropolis

Bruce replies to Alfred: “That son of a bitch brought the war to us!” And to really drive that home, we see Zod’s Earth terraformer thing. I still don’t completely understand why Zod and the other Kryptonians had trouble breathing on Earth but Superman didn’t.

bruce wayne comforts a girl in destroyed metropolis

Bruce is wicked pissed. He saved some little girl but his really nice Wayne Financial sign got completely owned.

batman confronts superman

Alfred intones solemnly: “You know you can’t win this…” But Bruce seems to think he can and confronts Superman in fire and rain in an Iron Man-esque suit. It still has a cape. That’s the part that strikes fear into criminals.

batman armored up

I do like Batman’s armor. I wonder what that strap across him is holding? Some sort of anti-Superman weapon? It’s just too bad he didn’t shell out the extra few bucks for a bat symbol on his chest. It’s all about branding, Bruce.

batwing flies over burned city

Alfred continues: “It’s suicide.” And here we see the Batwing, which is some sort of sci-fi jet, flying over some burning part of a city. Gotham or Metropolis? I lean towards Gotham by the skyline we glimpse but it’s not much to go on. It’s also kinda sad seeing more city laid to waste.

batman flies the batwing

There’s a voiceover by Lex Luthor: “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world. Son of Krypton versus Bat of Gotham!” And then the trailer seems to mix shots of Batman flying his batplane, like the one above with him attacking Superman from his Batmobile, shown below.

superman is invulnerable to bullets

A hail of bullets bounces off Superman. It does nothing. Superman hovers up and cycles up his heat vision. It’s nice that it takes a moment to turn on. That gives Batman enough time to get out of the way, I bet.

batman uses grappling line

Here’s a shot of Batman using a grappling gun. That’s something he doesn’t do nearly enough in any of the previous live action Batman movies. There’s also a lighting bolt at one moment and the imagery is reminiscent of the classic Dark Knight Returns comics.

lex luthor flicks lois lane

Lois Lane pops up to get one small line and also get flicked on the head by Lex Luthor. She says: “You’re psychotic.” and Lex replies: “That’s a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.” I’m sure Amy Adams was really psyched to be used as a prop that gets flicked. I wonder what happened to Lex’s hand? He’s got it bandaged up. But not very much. Pretty minor boo-boo. Maybe Jesse Eisenberg hurt it in real life, sitting on his keys or something.

batman breaks through window

A classic Batman breaks through the skylight shot. I bet Gotham has insurance companies that offer special Batman window insurance.

batman stomps on superman

Look out Batman! You’re about to stomp on a digital Superman!

batman fights soldiers in the desert while alien bugs fly around

Batman has a voiceover that’s an affected gravely voice and he says: “It’s time you learned what it means to be a man!” Oh my. That sounds more like Batman’s about to make love to Superman than attack him. And here’s another really weird shot that I cannot figure out what is going on. Batman is fighting Superman’s soldiers (note the Superman shield on the one guy’s shoulder). Batman is also wearing a hat and goggles and a trenchcoat, I guess to be optimally suited up for desert combat. There’s bodies all along the ground. And then some sort of insect creatures! What are they?! It looks like a bunch of Geonosians from Attack of the Clones.

superman rips off batman cowl

Superman yells: “Stay! Down! If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.” And then, just to be an ultra-dick, he rips off Batman’s mask. Part of me hoped Batman would have another small mask on underneath, but nope. So Superman figures out who Batman is. Has the world’s greatest detective figured out that Clark Kent is Superman?

mercy graves delivers zod body to luthor

Who is this? That’s Mercy Graves, Lex’s assistant. She was originally created in 1996 for the Superman: The Animated Series cartoon as Lex’s personal assistant and bodyguard. Since then, she’s been adapted into the comics and sort of Smallville and now the movies. Apparently Luthor got something from the U.S. Army. What is it? Well, you get to see right away. The trailer kinda gives away a lot of surprises.

luthor has body of zod

We hear a Lex Luthor voiceover: “If man won’t kill god… the devil will do it!” And here’s what was in that box Mercy was delivering to Lex – it’s Zod’s corpse. Uh oh.

luthor experiment goes wild

There’s some weird CG that I can’t understand but it implies Lex Luthor is going Dr. Frankenstein on Zod’s bod. Superman asks: “What have you done?”

doomsday in batman v superman

What’s he done? He created Bizarro. Oh no, wait. That would make sense. No, somehow he created Doomsday, the character who (briefly) killed Superman in the 90s comics. He’s super strong and bony and he looks like someone I’ve seen before. Who could that be?

doomsday and raphael separated at birth

Oh, there it is. Doomsday looks nearly identical to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from last year’s movie.

doomsday has heat vision

In the comics, Doomsday has one power – he’s stronger than anything else. But in this, he’s like a messed up Kryptonian clone (you know, like Bizarro) and he has heat vision. Fortunately, it takes a while to power it all the way up.

batman is about to be burned by heat vision

Here’s Batman, trapped in what may be his Batwing, about to get fried. The day Batman doesn’t have a working ejector seat is the day he should really hang up the cowl. This is the climax of the trailer!

heat vision explosion

Something causes Doomsday’s heat blast to sort of explode outward. It’s deflected but blows away another ton of buildings. I hope it was evacuated.

An amazonian shield defends batman and superman

Oh, there’s what caused the heat explosion: a shield. Look at Superman cowering back there. Dude, you’re fine.

Gal Gadot appears in Batman v Superman

There’s the shield’s owner. It’s Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She looks pretty cool, gotta admit.

superman quips with batman

Time to close out the trailer with a huge joke! Superman asks Batman: “Is she with you?” Batman replies: “I thought she was with you.”

wonder woman in batman v superman

And there’s our money shot of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, all together in live action for the first time. Batman has a gun so Doomsday is probably pooping out some bony protrusions in fear.

batman co created by bill finger

The credits. Who cares? Me! Look at that. Bill Finger is FINALLY getting the credit he has always deserved as a co-creator of Batman and many, many, many of the key components around Batman. That makes me happy.

  • Jeremy J Rogerson

    I thought the line was “That power can be innocent”?

  • Chris Piers

    Hmmm. Maybe you’re right. Neither line makes a ton of sense to me.

  • William Bruce West

    According to Devin Faraci on Twitter, the desert scenes and the scene with the guards that you thought were from the Fortress of Solitude are actually part of a dream sequence. Apparently, in an earlier draft of the script, this was a dream message sent to Batman from DARKSEID (yup, more crammed into this movie), and it’s a vision of a world where Superman has taken over, hence the uniforms and the reason Supes looks so evil when he unmasks Batman. The flying things are thought to be Darkseid’s Parademons. It was said that the sequence was missing in a recent draft of the script, but it appears that it has been readded to the film.

  • Jeremy J Rogerson

    I think it’s a vision Wonder Woman has now.

  • Jeremy J Rogerson

    I think it’s a weird version of “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  • Chris Piers

    It’s nowhere near as eloquent, if so.

  • Chris Piers

    I guess that *sort* of makes it make sense, but it would really be adding an additional layer that confuses the narrative.