Batman Toy Commercials: ’89 Style, Baby!

More Batman 1989 goodness! This time we have some toys from that awesome movie with a commercial from the much inferior Batman Returns thrown in. But before we get to them, let’s do some quick background. When ’89 Batman first came out, there were toy tie-ins. While some of them were awesome like the Batplane and the Batcave, Batman himself was a huge letdown. Before the film had come out I had a preview magazine that was just chock full of batgoodness. The thing that really caught my eye was a Batman action figure ad that prominently featured a repainted Superpowers Batman. When the figures finally came out… Batman didn’t look that good.

Despite a not as cool looking Batman, ToyBiz did manage to put out some cool Batman 1989 toys. Their commercial demonstrates the sweet arse Batwing along with the ultra cool Batcave that I need to get my hands on someday:


It wasn’t until Toy Biz lost the license to Kenner that the figures really started to look great:

That Joker disguise was the lamest thing ever. “Hey, I’m not the Joker, I’m just this guy that smiles a lot with a different color face!”

The above commercial is from the same line. As you could have probably guess, Batman had a lot of crazy gadgets. He also had a rather strange sense of style with his gold suit and all. Just check out that sweet gold uniform. You also have to love that capture attachment on the Batcopter. Batman won’t be happy until the Joker vomits all over the city.

Even though this one is from Batman Returns, I couldn’t resist sharing it. Seriously, that Catwoman is hot stuff.

Also, you can have a lot of fun imitating that announcer. “Batman is Unstoppable.” Try it for yourself in his voice, but greatly exaggerated. Kind of ends up sounding like, “Blahpman is Unblapable.”

Now this video features some of the commercials we’ve already seen, but there are other clips mixed in there as well. Most of them are from “The Dark Knight Collection” which was the name of Kenner’s Batman line. The final commercial features the animated style that the line transformed into and by the time I was out of the Batman toy world.

Notice at 1:40 the Batman role play toys commercial. If you thought you saw a Stormtrooper blaster with a Batman suction cup, you did! Kenner mastered the art of toy re-use.

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  • Chad B

    I loved those toys as a kid, but got frustrated at there always being 20,000 different Batman figures and maybe one villain in the store. Was worse with the superpowers line. At the Ames and K-Marts my parents would take me, the only figure I could ever find was Lex Luther in a business suit. I did have quite a few movie Batman figures though. I liked the dark blue one with the grappling hook backpack the most.

  • If you remember that since there was only one villain in Batman (1989), they went back to the old Superpowers molds and re-carded characters like the Penguin and Riddler. Kenner was unprepared for the onslaught in the toy aisle.

  • Vincent

    Double, those really aren’t actually the super power molds, or at least they weren’t entirely accurate. Those were like bootleg molds. There’s sites that compare the two and show how inferior those toys are to the originals.