Batman Merch in the American Mall of the 1980s


The late 1980s were a glorious time. Mullets were actually considered cool, women wore shoulder pads, and there was Batman merchandise based on the 1989 Batman film everywhere. You simply couldn’t escape Batman and it was wondrous. The above image is from a series of photos depicting life at Malls in the late 80s.

The store in our local mall that was Batman central was Coach House Gifts. Back then Coach House was like a watered down Spencer’s in that it had lots of pop culture related stuff without all the sex toys and douche bag paraphernalia. Speaking of Spencer’s, do they make the aisles impossibly small to navigate through on purpose? Anyway, Coach House was my number 2 stop at the mall after the arcade and before the B. Dalton Books. At some point Coach House stopped carrying cool items and went in a direction that was more like a Hallmark. A really lame Hallmark that didn’t have cool Star Trek or Star Wars ornaments.

  • clark

    My mother took my brother, sister and me to see the Burton Batmobile in person at a mall in Fort Worth when I was a kid. It was awesome, there was a girl there who would answer questions and had all kinds of interesting tidbits about the car. Afterwards, each of us got to pick out a Batman t-shirt. My brother got a cool one where I remember batman’s cape and cowl were colored purple, and I think he was standing on a pile of unconscious thugs. I got the joker shirt on the top left of that display; with a maniacal Joker pointing a revolver at you.
    Ah, memories. I’m guessing you would get kicked out of school for wearing a shirt like that now.

  • clark

    Ha, I didn’t realize the shirt I was trying to describe is right there below my old one. It’s not as cool as I remember it, but it’s still pretty cool.

  • That is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

    I believe I saw the 89 Batmobile at World of Wheels, a traveling car show thingy. Didn’t have any questions answered though.